Alpine ILX-W650 Review

Because of its slim and compact design, many people tend to avoid the Alpine ILX W650 as they think it’s not as technologically advanced as bigger head units in the market today. However, this is not exactly true. It’s incredible how Alpine’s engineers were able to shoehorn the latest technology into this small receiver. Combined with its fantastic user interface and a pocket-friendly price, no doubt that this receiver could be what many individuals are looking for. While the unit is neither big nor bulky, it can perfectly fit the space in a Double DIN installation. Continue reading this Alpine ILX-W650 review to learn more about what this product has to offer.

What’s in the Box?

When you open the box, you’ll see a compact 7-inch touchscreen with an impressive shallow head unit system. The whole system is not more than 3 inches deep. Therefore, there’s enough space for aftermarket and accessory wiring to add every kind of component to boost the unit’s performance. This receiver is self-contained and comes already fixed on a pre-wired harness running off the 15A fuse system. Additionally, wiring for a pre-out system and a camera has already been done which allows space for accessories and extras when installing.

Also, with its 42″ USB cord, one can route this input almost anywhere in their vehicle cabin. You can either drop that USB cord beneath your receiver and let it come somewhere close to your cup holders. Or you can run this cable to your backseat splitter if you want. There’s also an external microphone fixed on a 13-foot cable which allows one to move the voice control and command’s hardware. You can use this microphone anywhere in your cabin’s choice for clear and better audio pickup which means all calls handled via the car stereo system will be clear. Other things included in the box are brackets, screws, and a manual guide.

Features of the Alpine ILX W650

One of the features you’ll love about this receiver is its 7 inches touchscreen that’s fantastic when playing videos. You’ll also appreciate the fact that this receiver has almost no input lag which means you can control it on the go and enjoy the same speed and responsiveness as of a smartphone or tablet.

Alpine iLX-W650 7

For those who’ve tried mounting GPS antennas, backup cameras, dashboard cameras, or any other accessory to a chassis that’s traditionally mounted, you know how much things can get cluttered making it hard for cable management. However, one thing that individuals love about this receiver is its shallow mounting chassis design that allows one to attach different accessories without cluttering. Besides enough space for extra wiring, you’ll have fantastic cable management that means more airflow behind your system. With temperatures running low, this improves the durability and reliability of your receiver hence prolongs its longevity.

Now, for drivers who want their receiver to work with their smart devices, they’ll be pleased to know that Alpine ILX W650 features full Apple Car Play and Android Auto support. You’ll also enjoy several entertainment options through this system. One can play music/videos from their smart devices directly or via Bluetooth or USB connection. Audio or videos can be downloaded or one can stream from apps such as Spotify. Also included are Sirius SM and excellent integration with GPS systems for navigation

Who’s Alpine ILX-W650 for?

If you want an inexpensive stereo that does some things best, then this receiver is for you. It has some shortcomings which can be a deal-breaker for some people especially those who like personalizing everything. Unfortunately, the Alpine double-DIN head unit does not have that capability.

However, since it’s a family head unit, one can put it into good use. It supports both Apple and Android phones which means whoever wants to play music can do so as it has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Alpine ILX-W650

This head unit works well with most car models. But remember that it needs a double Din slot. If you’re looking for a digital receiver with great audio quality and sleek design, consider this model.

What Can This Product Do for You?

Well first, because it connects both Apple and Android phones, individuals can use hands-free driving. Also, this head unit can keep new drivers safe. Many people love to text while driving which is dangerous. However, thanks to Siri one can get messages read and replied on this system.

Also, the system’s radio and music are clean ensuring an enjoyable ride throughout. Again, its 7 inches touchscreen allows ease of navigation plus it responds to touch hence work as a tablet.

Shortcomings of Alpine ILX-W650

Well, like every other product, this also comes with a few issues. For instance, one cannot customize this head unit which means you cannot upload a customized background or change back light colors. Also, its screen doesn’t have transitions or animations.

Again, since there is only one USB slot, you can’t mount different things on it. You also should plug our smartphone in if you want to use Apple CarPlay or Android Auto. Additionally, it doesn’t have a CD player and it takes too long to boot up. There’s also the annoying safety feature which hinders a person from the changing setting while driving.

How to Make Most Use of the Alpine ILX W650

While the installation was easy for some people, some had a hard time fitting this receiver. Now, the solution to this issue is finding a wiring harness. If you have one, you’ll simply plug and play. But, we always advise that you get this system installed by a pro.

Again, don’t forget to update. The alpine ilx-w650 firmware update irons many bugs in this new software. Also, you can polarize your glasses to ensure that screen glare isn’t an issue.


We hope that this Alpine ILX-W650 review helped you decide whether to invest or not on this system. But generally, this is an excellent receiver. It’s simple to use plus it comes with an excellent audio experience. Not to mention it works wells both on Android and Apple phones. Where this receiver disappoints is that it won’t work unless the wire is connected to your emergency brake. Also, while the Bluetooth works perfectly, you’ll have to touch your phone when receiving calls. But, if you can do with these shortcomings, then consider the Alpine ILX-W650 digital receiver.

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