ATOTO A6 Pro Android Car Navigation Stereo Review

Sometimes your integrated car stereo may seem basic such that you don’t enjoy the presence of advanced features such as navigation, LCD, hands-free calling, or entertainment. If this is the case, you need to buy an advanced android car stereo.

While many new vehicles come with android auto that allows one to connect their smartphone to the car and use features like sending/receiving messages, answering calls, and using Google maps, old vehicle models may not have this innovative technology inbuilt. Fortunately, one can upgrade their vehicle with an Android Auto by installing android car navigation stereo. Once this is installed, you’ll be able to connect your phone to your car and enjoy the latest technology.

One mostly bought android car navigation stereo is Atoto a6 pro a6y2721prb 2DIN stereo. We’ve written this Atoto A6 Pro review to help you decide whether or not to invest in this product.

What Is AtotoA6 Pro Stereo?

This is an inexpensive touchscreen android radio system that’s among the best-selling systems available today. It comes with many useful features plus it is highly optimized to give you an amazing experience. Since you can get started within 2 seconds, this saves battery drainage while providing one with convenience.

ATOTO A6 Pro A6Y2721PR Double DIN Android Car Navigation Stereo

A Quick Look at Atoto A6 Pro Features

  • Fast booting that allows quick access to the system
  • Dual Bluetooth connectivity
  • FM/Am radio tuner with GPS navigation
  • 178° full-viewing display screen
  • Apple CarPlay and wireless Android Auto
  • Dual WIFI band connection
  • Hand gesture recognition sensor that allows you to use hand gestures to skip songs
  • Powerful Amplifier from Toshiba
  • Gesture control
  • HD Touchscreen

What We Like Atoto A6 :

  • Loads in 2 seconds
  • Beautiful design
  • Constant firmware update from ATOTO
  • Versatile connection
  • High compatibility for vehicles
  • Installation is easy
  • Incredible viewing experience
  • Features gesture controls
  • Pocket friendly
  • Nine languages included

What Could Be Better Atoto A6:

  • Customer support is slow
  • Dead spots on the screen

Why We Love Atoto A6 Pro

Dual Wi-Fi Connection Support

One of the best things about this car stereo is that it features a dual-band Wi-Fi. What this means is that it can connect to hotspots set AP with a band of 5HZ. Additionally, it supports reverse camera video input. Not to mention it has 2 video inputs where one can connect two cameras for advanced applications.

Users also fall in love with the latest 178 degrees IPS display full view angle screen that has a high contrast ensuring that images are displayed in HD. You can also view crucial app tips clearly.

Furthermore, this product is also loaded with the latest Qualcomm Bluetooth 5.0, which means one can stream both wired and wireless music. There’s also a Toshiba pre-amplifier included that offers excellent performance. Plus, it can support car speakers of between 2-8 ohms.

Simple Design and Physical Buttons

Atoto A6 Pro is developed on the android marshmallow operating system. Therefore, it can connect to android smartphones and allow users to send/receive messages, make calls, and listen to their favorite songs while driving. This OS is customized for vehicles as such it supports back camera, dash camera, AM/FM among other accessories.

We love the simple design of this model. While there are few physical buttons, you can perform all functions by touching on the screen. Plus, a 256GB SSD drive is included to offer huge storage. One can thus preload their songs into this drive and listen even when offline.

Versatility of Outputs

Nothing beats a system that allows versatile connectivity. And this is what you get from Atoto A6 Pro car stereo. One can connect the back and dash camera together. What’s more, there’s a privacy protection feature to offer you safety and security. With a built-in GPS navigation, ability to control audio from your steering wheel, and hands-free data, what other extra features could you be looking for?

Again, this android car stereo has many customized outputs and inputs to improve efficiency. There’s also a built-in easy connect app which displays what’s on your phone screen on the stereo screen using USB or Wi-Fi.

Hand gestures signals present allow controlling of this system with hand gestures when you’re driving. Plus, users can adjust volume, skip tracks, or carry out other operations quickly without necessarily pressing a button. An extra feature that’ll impress you is the Screen Lock option which you can lock the screen when you’re not controlling the stereo system.

Supports Bluetooth Connectivity

You’ll appreciate the integrated Wi-Fi system that enables you to access online Google maps and several other apps without a hassle. But, the inclusion of two Bluetooth chips is where this product excels. One chip controls calling and messaging while the other handles commands related to music. Users can connect up to three devices at the same time.

Who’s the Ideal Atoto A6 Pro Customer?

Well, it’s much easier saying who this android car stereo is not for. HD radio and Sirius XM are the only features that this product is missing. However, you can stream from your phone. This unit allows one to listen to songs, audios, and podcasts as well as watch movies. If you want safety, you’re the ideal customer for Atoto A6 pro. Apart from features we’ve said, one can also make a rotation sound in front of their screen. Plus, with one move, you can mute everything. And you get all these features without denting your pocket. How cool is that?

Where Atoto A6 Pro Needs Improvement

Sadly, while this product includes all the impressive features we’ve mentioned, it still has some shortcomings. One is that since it’s a Chinese brand, their support is in Asia and many people have complained about their slow response. It takes anywhere between 24-48 hours but they’re knowledgeable.

Also, there aren’t steering wheels controls which would be a big issue if there were no physical buttons. Plus, since there’s no video out with this model you can’t use it with TVs. Lastly, apps take too long to be updated.

How Do I Get the Most Out of Atoto A6 Pro?

Always download the most recent updates from ATOTO to enjoy premium sound. Also, it’s best that you let a professional install this car stereo. Once installation is done, take time to learn the features and, make use of the personalization settings.

Final Thoughts

Atoto A6 Pro is among the best-selling car stereos. It is not only budget-friendly, but it comes with a ton of features to offer an incredible experience. If you’re looking for an inexpensive way of boosting your car sound system while enjoying the latest technology, we hope that this Atoto A6 pro review helped you.

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