7 Best Aftermarket Car Gauges Review [updating Interior Looks]

Are your OE gauges giving you a hard time monitoring the condition of the engine when driving? You see, monitoring the condition of your auto when driving is very imperative as it allows you to monitor the temperature and the performance of key mechanical parts.

At least by doing this, you’ll detect a problem in due time and act accordingly. But, there’s a problem. Most of the OE gauges that come with your auto are either vogue or inoperative. Most of them fail to monitor the performance of the engine leading to false readings.

So, to prevent severe damages to your dear auto, you need to invest in competent instruments such as the best aftermarket car gauges. The best thing about these gauges is that, other than monitoring your engine, they play a big part in updating the interior looks of your auto by giving it a perfect classic look.

Which are the Best Aftermarket Car Gauges?

There are many types of car gauges you can install in your car. However, there are those gauges that are the most important. So, instead of having too many gauges that distract your attention, you can filter them down to only have those gauges that are the most essential.

Gauges such as the oil pressure gauge, voltmeter gauge, and water temperature gauge are very essential. So, with that said, this guide will detail at least 7 of the best aftermarket gauges that are available in the market.

We’ll also discuss some of the key parameters you’re supposed to consider when choosing the best gauges then finalize our discussion by answering some of the pressing questions you might have regarding aftermarket gauges. So, if you’re ready, then let’s begin!

Comparison Chart:

Image Product Name Details Price
ESUPPORT Car 2″ Digital Water Temp Gauge » Bright LED display
» Warning Light
» Easy Installation
» The display is dimmable
Check Price
 Actron SP0F000056 Bosch Style Line 2″ Fuel Level Gauge » Crystal Clear Display
Perfect Sizing
» Installation Accessories
» Power Demands
» Has a sleek diameter of 2”
Check Price
AUTO METER 2391 Autogage Electric Mini Oil/Volt/Water Gauge » Bright Backlit
» Perfect Sizing
» Easy to Read Easy to Install
» High Sensitivity
Check Price
Equus 8200 2″ Volt Triple Gauge Kit » 3-in-1 Gauge
» Great Monitoring Panel
» Solid Construction
» Easy Installation
Check Price
Actron SP0F000046 Bosch Style Line 2″ Triple Gauge Kit » 3-In-1 Gauge
» Satin Silver Look
» Visible Back-Lit
» Standard Size
» Mounting Hardware
Check Price
 Universal-Turbo-Pressure-Smoked-Indicator  » 6-In-1 Gauge
» Standard Size
» Bright Back-lit
» Quality Construction
» Easy to Install
» 1-Year Warranty
Check Price
 GlowShift Tinted Oil Pressure Gauge Kit » Tinted Lens
» 7 Color Modes
» Dimming Back-lit
» Accurate Oil Pressure Reading
» Quick Installation
Check Price

7 Best Aftermarket Gauges Review in 2021

Best Aftermarket Gauges

1. Best Digital Temperature Gauge: ESUPPORT Car 2″ Digital Water Temp Gauge

Claiming the pole position in today’s discussion is the ESSUPORT Digital Water Temp Gauge. While most stock gauges fail to give accurate readings, the ESSUPPORT Digital Gauge is designed to give the most accurate readings of both oil and water. With a diameter of 2-inches, this water temperature gauge is very easy to mount. Now, why is the ESUPPORT Digital Gauge an excellent pick?

ESUPPORT Car 2" Digital Water Temp Gauge

Bright LED display

One of the most welcoming features of this digital temperature gauge is the bright LED display. As you all know, any digital or electric gauge needs to have a clear display to make the readings visible. The same case applies to this digital gauge where the LED display provides a crystal clear view of the readings.

During the day, this gauge uses its smoke tint lens to display the reading while at night, or rather in low light conditions, the display brightens up automatically to make the readings visible.

Warning Light

The purpose of any temperature or voltmeter gauge is to warn you when things get out of hand. As for the ESUPPORT Digital Gauge, this one is equipped with very accurate sensors that engage the warning light when temperatures hit 212°F.

Easy Installation

The best automatic gauges for your car are some of the easiest to install. The process requires you to drill a 2-inch hole to where the pressure and vacuum lines pass then secure the edges with rubber grommets. Secure the gauge with mounting clamps and connectors to have it tightly fitted. When you’re done, connect the gauge to a 12V DC power source.

  • Has an accurate oil-water temperature sensor
  • The LED display is very bright
  • The display is dimmable
  • Warning light engage when the temperature hit 212°F
  • Installation is very easy
  • You have to keep confirming its accuracy

Can This Temperature Gauge Work With a Positive Ground Battery?

The simple answer is no. Although it will light up, the gauge will show random numbers, which is not good if you’re looking to record correct readings.

Does it Record the Readings in Celsius or Fahrenheit?

Well, it depends on your demands. You can get the gauge either in Celsius or Fahrenheit.


As you can see, there are many reasons why the ESSUPORT Digital Water Temp Gauge has claimed the top position in our discussion.

First, this gauge is among the best digital temperature instruments in the market. Secondly, it has a very sensitive sensor that records accurate readings of water temperature.

Lastly, the gauge has a very bright LED display that provides improved visibility of the readings in low light conditions.

2. Best Electric Fuel Gauge: Actron SP0F000056 Bosch Style Line 2″ Fuel Level Gauge

Claiming the second position is the Actron SP0F000056 Fuel Level Gauge. Just as we mentioned earlier, it’s not wise to crowd your dash with unnecessary gauges. For that reason, this gauge is specifically intended to inspect your car’s fuel level to ensure you’ve got sufficient fuel when driving. Now, Bosch has a lot to offer to car enthusiasts with the release of this electric fuel gauge.

Actron SP0F000056 Bosch Style Line 2" Fuel Level Gauge

Crystal Clear Display

Now, one of the areas Bosch has really improved on is on the display. Unlike most OE gauges, this one is designed with a classic-looking display that contains an E, ¼, ½, ¾, and an F with 60 dial sweep. The display is very easy to read thanks to the Red bright pointer, white calibrations, and a black background.

Perfect Sizing

When installing gauges, you need to be very keen on the sizing, as the gauges will be competing on the same limited space on your dash. Thankfully, Bosch has designed this electrical fuel gauge with a sleek diameter of 2-inches to allow it to fit on a standard 2-1/16 inches opening.

Installation Accessories

When it comes to installation, Bosch has included all the relevant accessories to make installation effortless. Among the things you’ll find in the package include the lighting kits, adapter kits, pillar pods, gauge panels, and copper/nylon tubing kits.

Power Demands

About the power demands, this electrical fuel gauge requires just 12 volts of negative ground sending. Also, the ohm reading is 33 OHM when full and 240 OHM when empty.


The Actron SP0F000056 Fuel Level Gauge is equipped with a black bezel and a removable black mounting panel that makes installation a breeze.

  • Crystal clear display
  • Requires 12V of negative ground sending
  • Comes with the relevant accessories for easy installation
  • Has a sleek diameter of 2”
  • Sometimes the gauge comes with the wrong ohm

Can I Mount this Gauge Anywhere on My Truck?

The best thing about Actron SP0F000056 Fuel Level Gauge is that it can be mounted almost anywhere. However, this gauge is a standard instrument that works in normal conditions. Therefore, you need to mount it in a location that’s free from water as it’s not waterproof.


There’s a reason why the Actron SP0F000056 is the best electric fuel gauge. First, Bosch has polished the bezel with a black finish to make it look classy.

They’ve also reduced the size of the dial to 2” to allow it to fit in most 2-1/16” standard openings. Lastly, the gauge is simplistic and very easy to read as it has a red pointer and white digits placed under a black face.

That said, this gauge is a superb choice if you’re looking for a fuel gauge that gives accurate and fast readings.

3. Best Universal Fuel Gauge: AUTO METER 2391 Autogage Electric Mini Oil/Volt/Water Gauge

Are you looking for healthy display panels for your dashboard that will let you different the vital aspects you need for operating your vehicle? Street and Performance gauge consoles and tachometers suitable for budget-minded individuals. Saving more while getting great performance should never be a choice. Crafted in Sycamore, IL, this auto gage line of instruments offers the finest bang for the buck performance the industry could have.

For a weekend racer or a fast street car, AutoGage offers high accuracy and durability levels never heard about in the price category. When economical accuracy and price are most crucial, these AutoMeter Autogage provides the best answer. The product is sold in a console package. These gauges feature green and red light bulb covers to give a custom look. The compact size is fine for those hard-to-fit interiors and is able to maximize driver safety and awareness. While most gauges use mechanical sending units, the gauge set uses electrical sending units which makes it remain over and above its competitors.

Rupse 2" 52mm Universal Car SUV Fuel Level Gauge Meter

Bright Backlit

The fact that this gauge is lighted makes it an excellent pick for both day and night driving. During the day, this gauge is easy to read thanks to the white pointer, white calibrations, and dark background. In low light conditions, the gauge glows making it extremely easy to view the readings.

Perfect Sizing

As you already know, the fuel gauge is one of the many gauges you’ll need to track the performance of the engine. For that reason, size is an essential factor, as all these gauges will be crumbling for the same space within the dash. Therefore, to reduce cluster, Rupse has designed this gauge with an outside diameter of 2.2” to avoid eating too much space. The inside has a diameter of 1.7”, which is large enough to offer perfect visibility.

Easy to Read Easy to Install

The Rupse 2” Universal Car Fuel Gauge is designed with an easily readable dial that contains an E- ½ – F pointer to measure the level of fuel in the fuel tank. Installation is also super-fast as the gauge comes with all the required tools needed for installation.

High Sensitivity

This gauge is equipped with a high-quality sensor that makes accurate readings of the fuel level. It’s also designed to use a 12 volts DC power making it a low power-consuming gauge.

  • Has high sensitivity
  • Has a backlit for perfect visibility
  • Fits a wide range of automobiles
  • The rubber washers are prone to melting when exposed to high heat

Can This Gauge Work in a Water Tank?

Yes. However, this will only be for a short time as water can cause the float hardware to rust. The reason why fuel doesn’t cause rust is because it’s oil-based.

Can I Calibrate This Gauge?

In case you’re getting inaccurate readings, then it means the float is not moving freely inside the tank. So, to troubleshoot this problem, check the float to ensure it’s not hitting any obstruction, and two, inspect the sending wire to ensure it’s not broken or grounded.


The Rupse Fuel Gauge is hailed for being a universal instrument meaning it’s compatible with a wide range of automobiles.

The dial has a black face, a white pointer, and white numberings making it visible during the day. At night, this gauge glows making it easier to view the readings.

That said, if you’re looking for a gauge that has high sensitivity, then the Rupse Universal Fuel Gauge is exactly what you need.

4. Best Triple Gauge Kit: Equus 8200 2″ Volt Triple Gauge Kit

Instead of crowding your dash with multiple gauges, why not buy a triple gauge kit and reduce the cluster on your dash? Well, the Equus 8200 Triple Gauge Kit is a perfect example of what we’re talking about. This kit comes as a complete set consisting of three mechanical instruments for measuring voltage, oil pressure, and water temperature. Just like most of the best aftermarket car gauges, this one offers uncompromised accuracy that gives you the readings in real-time. So, what are some of the features that make the Equus 8200 Triple Gauge Kit stand out?

Equus 8200 2" Volt Triple Gauge Kit

3-in-1 Gauge

The first reason why this gauge kit is so essential is the fact that it comes as a complete set. Here, this gauge measures battery voltage ranging from 8-18 volts with a sweep of 90°. It also measures oil pressure from 0-100 psi and water temperature from 130-280°F both with a similar sweep of 270°.

Great Monitoring Panel

As with all gauges, proper visibility is an absolute must when driving in low-light conditions. Although Equus 8200 Triple Gauge Kit offers great back-lit illumination, they’ve gone a mile further by adding four different types of backlights to offer improved visibility. Among the four colors, you’ll expect to see include Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.

Solid Construction

To improve durability, Equus has used aluminum metal for the bezels to make them light and strong. They’ve then polished the metal with a satin silver finish to optimize the appearance of the gauges.

Easy Installation

When it comes to installation, you won’t have to spend any extra bucks to procure the installation kits. Equus has included all the required installation accessories in the package to make the process fast, easy, and secure.


About the power demands, the Equus 8200 Triple Gauge Kit relies on 12 volts of DC power, which is supplied by your car battery.

  • Aluminum makes the gauge kit lightweight
  • Offers four colored back-lit illumination
  • Fits a wide range of vehicles
  • Sometimes the water temperature gauge loses its accuracy

Is This Gauge Lighted by LEDs or Incandescent?

Incandescent. The best thing about the backlights is that they come in different shades of Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow.

Can You Mount This Triple Gauge Kit on Metric Vehicles?

Yes, you can. This gauge set comes with all the necessary hardware needed for installation. For a more customized fit, you can decide to buy the mounting hardware in your local auto parts store.


The Equus 8200 is one of the best triple gauge kits available in the market. Each gauge has a beautiful white background that offers a vivid view of the Red pointer and black numbering.

The bezels are made from aluminum while the dash mount is removable to give you the freedom of mounting the gauges anywhere.

Lastly, these gauges are illuminated using incandescent bulbs that glow in different colors. So, if you’re looking to optimize your dash with a triple gauge kit, then the Equus 8200 is an excellent pick.

5. Best Budget Gauge: Actron SP0F000046 Bosch Style Line 2″ Triple Gauge Kit

If you’re a big fan of performance cars, then we would suggest you get the Actron SP0F000046 Bosch Style Triple Gauge Kit. The most amazing thing about this gauge kit is that it resembles our previous Equus 8200 Triple Gauge Kit in myriad ways. Although it’s slightly pricier than the Equus, most experts argue that the Actron Triple Gauge Kit is a budget gauge when compared to most of its pricier rivals. But, other than the price factor, this triple gauge kit offers an excellent combination of gauges that leave your dash looking neat and professional. Among the features you’ll expect to see here include.

Actron SP0F000046 Bosch Style Line 2" Triple Gauge Kit

3-In-1 Gauge

Other than having to buy each gauge separately, the Actron Triple Gauge Kit offers a chance to have all three gauges as a single package. Here, you’ll get an oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and battery voltage gauge.

Satin Silver Look

Other than offering the best performance, this triple gauge kit is polished with a satin silver finish that upgrades the look of the bezels. This makes the exterior housing extremely neat and stylish once the installation is done.

Visible Back-Lit

For easy visibility, these gauges are equipped with black pointers that point against black and white backgrounds. In low light conditions, the gauges have a bright back-lit that gives you a crisp and clear view of the readings.

Standard Size

Each gauge is designed with a standard size of 2” that’s enough to fit through a 2-1/16” opening.

Mounting Hardware

To ease installation, Bosch has included all the necessary tools for installation. In addition, they’ve included a 72” high-temperature nylon tubing and 1/8”/ ¼ “ NPT thread fittings to make installation effortless.

  • Available at an affordable price
  • Chrome finish makes it look great in most cars
  • Backlight provides immense visibility
  • Comes with the necessary installation tools
  • The water temperature gauge tends to lose its accuracy

Can You Replace the Bulbs With LEDs?

Yes, you can. However, you need to find specific types of LED bulbs that will fit in these gauges’ bulb sockets.

Can You Separate the Gauges?

Yes, you can. These gauges can easily be separated from the chrome bracket and mounted individually to any location of your choice.


One reason that makes the Actron Triple Gauge Kit an excellent pick is its satin silver exterior housing that’s very stylish.

Another reason why you should buy this triple gauge kit is the fact that the gauges can be removed from the silver bracket and mounted individually.

Lastly, the package consists of three very affordable gauges. So, instead of buying them individually, it’s better to procure them as a set and save some bucks.

6. Best Full-Set Gauge: Universal-Turbo-Pressure-Smoked-Indicator

If you’re looking for a digital speedometer to upgrade the classic looks of your auto, then the MOTOR METER RACING 6 Gauge Set is an excellent pick. The best thing about this gauge set is that it doesn’t come alone, but rather as a kit containing 6 different gauge pieces. The dials are either black or white and are strictly made in Taiwan meaning quality is not compromised whatsoever. So, why is the MOTOR METER RACING 6 Gauge Set the best instrument for replacing your former stock gauges?


6-In-1 Gauge

One of the factors that make this gauge kit a remarkable choice is a fact that it comes as a 6-piece kit. The set includes a mechanical speedometer and tachometer as well as four additional gauges for tracking oil pressure, battery voltage, water temperature, and fuel level.

Standard Size

When choosing the best aftermarket gauges car, size is one factor you must consider. With this in mind, MOTOR METER RACING has designed these gauges with a standard size that lets them fit on your car’s OE openings. The speedometer and the tachometer have standard diameters of 3-3/8” while the rest of the four gauges share a standard diameter of 2” each.

Bright Back-lit

For perfect visibility, these gauges are equipped with an integrated light that illuminates the background. This makes it easier for you to check the readings when driving in low-light conditions.

Quality Construction

Speaking of the construction, the MOTOR METER RACING 6 Gauge Set is made from stainless steel to promote its longevity while giving it a classic look. The housing is made of durable plastic, which withstands rust and corrosion.

Easy to Install

For a fast and effortless installation process, MOTOR METER RACING has included an installation kit in the package that consists of a U-bracket kit, a manual, power harness, and fuel level sender. The package also includes water temperature and oil pressure sensors with a thread size of 1/8 NPT.


When it comes to power consumption, these gauges rely on a 12 volts negative ground system to function.

1-Year Warranty

About the warranty, customers will enjoy a full one-year limited warranty on all non-human factor damages. You’ll also enjoy free lifetime technical support in case of any minor technical issues.

  • The 6 gauges cover almost everything
  • Stainless steel finish gives your auto a classic look
  • Designed for in-dash installation
  • Fits most 1-9 cylinder gas-powered vehicles
  • The plastic housing is not long-lasting

Are These Gauges Electrical or Mechanical?

Well, they’re electrical. The speedometer, for instance, must track the car’s electrical speed signal by reading the ECU data. As for the rest of the gauges, they don’t read data from the ECU despite being electrical.


If you’re a fan of street or circuit racing, the MOTOR METER RACING 6 Gauge Set is what you’ll need to customize your dash to give it a classic, vintage look.

To those keen on their budget, this 6-gauge set comes with 6 different instruments that include a speedometer, tachometer, volt gauge, fuel gauge, oil pressure gauge, and water temperature gauge.

So, if you’re looking for a comprehensive gauge set that will let you monitor the performance of the engine and all of its components, then the MOTOR METER RACING 6 Gauge Set is what you need.

7. Best RGB Car Gauge: GlowShift Tinted Oil Pressure Gauge Kit

Claiming the remaining spot in our discussion is the GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauge. Now, although it came last, this oil pressure gauge is among the best picks if you’re looking to customize your car’s dashboard. Unlike most of the gauges we’ve discussed, this one offers a unique 7 color series boost that lets you customize your dashboard with any color of your choice. So, if this is what you need to customize your auto, then let’s look at some of the features that make it a worthy pick.

GlowShift Tinted 7 Color 100 PSI Oil Pressure Gauge Kit

Tinted Lens

The GlowShift Tinted 7 Color Oil Pressure Gauge Kit is surely filled with elegance in every aspect. The smoked dial gives this gauge a full blackout appearance when the car’s ignition is switched off. This makes it an excellent power saver as it reduces the chances of parasitic drain when the car is off.

7 Color Modes

One of the most elegant features of this oil pressure gauge is the 7-color cycle mode. With these colors, you can easily customize the style of the interior to let it match your taste. Among the colors you’ll pick from include Blue, Red, Green, Teal, Purple, White & Yellow.

Dimming Back-lit

Other than selecting any of your preferred colors, you can also choose to dim the backlight of this gauge in case too much light is interfering with your drivability. To dim the backlight by 30%, you’ll need to connect the dimmer wire of the gauge to the headlight switch.

Accurate Oil Pressure Reading

For accurate oil pressure reading, the GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauge is equipped with a 1/8-27 NPT pressure sensor that gives you accurate readings of the oil pressure from a range of 0-100 PSI.

Quick Installation

Installing this gauge is less of an issue as it comes with all the required tools. When you open the box, you’ll be welcomed with the entire installation kit that consists of a 9ft sensor harness, 2ft power harness, gauge visor, mounting hardware, and a manual.

Standard Size

Just like most of the gauges we’ve discussed, the GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauge has an interior diameter of 2”, which is enough to fit in most standard 2-1/16” openings.

  • Polycarbonate convex lens provides a crisp view
  • 270° needle sweep provides accurate readings
  • Has a nighttime dimming feature
  • Offers 7 different color options
  • The oil pressure gauge sometimes fails to work
  • Cases of missing parts

Is This Gauge Universal?

Yes. This gauge is universal meaning it’s designed to work on a wide range of car models. However, there are times when you’ll need special thread adapters to fit it in some old-school car models.

Is this Gauge Recommended for Marine Applications?

Yes. This gauge can be used to measure oil pressure in your powerboat. However, it’s not waterproof meaning you have to keep it dry at all times.


Although it appeared so late in our discussion, the GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauge has a lot to be celebrated by enthusiast drivers. One of them is its 7 color modes that let you customize your dashboard to meet your demands.

Another smart characteristic of this gauge is the tinted dial that turns completely black when the ignition is turned off. This helps to prevent parasitic drain when the car engine is off.

As if it’s not enough, this gauge has a brilliant dimming feature that lowers the backlight by 30% in case the backlight is interfering with your drivability. Designed with a state of the art technology, the GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauge is a superb choice if you’re looking to replace your former stock gauge.

Buyer’s Guide: Factors to Consider When Choosing an Aftermarket Car Gauge

Although we’ve listed some of the best aftermarket car gauges, reading these reviews is not enough to help you pick the right model that will suit your needs and demands. For that reason, we’ve gone a step further to include a well-detailed buyer’s guide section where we’ve detailed some key parameters you need to consider when choosing an aftermarket gauge.

Mechanical Vs. Electric Gauge:

When choosing aftermarket gauges, you need to decide whether to take the mechanical or the electric route. Although both of them show accurate readings, there are distinctive features that set them apart.

In the case of mechanical gauges, these are designed to take readings the traditional way. They’re connected to the exact pipes through which fluid flows for them to take accurate readings. Although they’re hailed for their accuracy, these gauges require regular maintenance for them to maintain high accuracy.

Electric gauges, on the other hand, are newer inventions that have come to replace traditional gauges. Instead of pipes, these ones use electrical connectors to give accurate readings. These gauges are small in size meaning they occupy less space in your dashboard.


When it comes to size, two factors must be considered. The first one is your vision while the second one is the size of the opening. If you’re driving a racing car, you’ll have less time to pay attention to the dashboard. For that reason, you need to pick a gauge with a bigger diameter to make the readings bigger hence visible.

If visibility is not an issue, then you can pick a compact gauge that will save you ample space on the dashboard. If the dashboard opening is small or large, then you need to pick a gauge that fits snugly without leaving any gaps.


Some parameters such as visibility are quite easy to tell. However, there are others that are quite tricky to tell one of which is the accuracy of the dial. And since accurate readings are vital, you need to pick a gauge that offers exactly that, or else you’ll end up damaging your engine severely. Now, all manufacturers state that their gauges are accurate.

Since some of the information might be biased, you need to dig for information in forums or manufacturer’s websites to see what verified customers are saying.

Ease of Installation:

Of course, when buying the best aftermarket gauges car, you need to ensure that what you pick offers ease of installation. Thankfully, most of the gauges we’ve discussed here come with mounting hardware that make installation fast and very easy. Other than the installation components, make sure the package contains an instruction manual.


Other than checking the accuracy of a gauge, its visibility should be clear such that you’re able to view the readings without struggling. For that reason, you need to ensure the gauge is highly visible both at night and during the day. Thankfully, most of the aftermarket gauges we’ve discussed here have bright back-lits that provide sufficient light enough to illuminate the gauge.

Others, such as the GlowShift Oil Pressure Gauge are equipped with different color options as well as dimmable light in case you need to customize your dashboard. This is a very intelligent add-on that ensures you get sufficient light on the gauge regardless of the time of day.


When choosing gauges, you need to understand that cheap models require regular maintenance and servicing. The same happens to mechanical gauges, which require regular inspection due to their mode of operation. So, to avoid spending too much on maintenance, ensure that you pick high-quality gauges that will not need to be repaired as often.


If your main intention is to perform a complete overhaul of your car’s dashboard, then you need to focus more on style when choosing an aftermarket gauge. Now, these gauges come in many different categories depending on your aesthetic demands.

You can find them in antic brass, wood grain, brushed aluminum, carbon fiber, and lots of other cool varieties. About the lighting, aftermarket gauges can be illuminated by incandescent, LED, or digital display. So, depending on your aesthetic demands, there are always cool options available for you to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which Gauges Are the Most Important?

The best aftermarket gauges car are important in any automobile as they track the performance of the engine and its components at any given time. If you happen to inspect your car’s dash, you’ll see several gauges. Out of all these gauges, three are the most essential. These include the oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and battery voltage gauge.

Should I Pick a Mechanical or an Electric Gauge?

Well, when it comes to these two, the answer hugely depends on you. You see, there are many differences between mechanical and electric gauges. However, the one major difference that sets them apart is the level of maintenance.

Mechanical gauges, on their side, demand regular maintenance, which is impossible if you’re a busy car owner. On the other hand, electric gauges demand less maintenance making them the best for modern vehicles.

Should I Get a Gallery Plug or a Sandwich Adapter?

The answer to this question depends on what works best for you. Now, both of these adapters are great. However, sandwich adapters are more convenient and easier to use as compared to gallery plugs.

Final Thoughts

There you have it. As you can see, there’s a lot to consider when buying the best aftermarket car gauges. Since an overwhelming range of options already crowds the market, this guide has discussed seven excellent aftermarket gauges that offer uncompromised accuracy.

Since there’s always the best in any contest, we would like to suggest the Equus 8200 Triple Gauge Kit as the editor’s recommendation. You see, this triple gauge kit is equipped with an oil pressure gauge, water temperature gauge, and battery voltage gauge. With these three gauges, you can easily track the performance of the engine in real-time.

In addition, this triple gauge kit has a great monitoring panel that boasts of having four different types of backlights. These include Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green. Other than that, this triple gauge kit has a solid construction and is very easy to install. So, with that said, we believe that this guide has offered you value regarding the best aftermarket gauges car.

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