5 Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brand


Every driver enjoys a smooth and effortless ride, and having a fully functional fuel pump is one way to make sure of that. The fuel pump makes it possible to transfer fuel from the fuel tank all the way to the engine, hence the need to get one from the best aftermarket fuel pump brand there is.

Fuel pumps are an essential car part. With a lot of brands getting innovative and manufacturing versions annually, making the right choice gets difficult. You may probably spend weeks researching for the best options or waste cash on several trials and errors, but with our help, you’ll only spend a couple of minutes reading this review.

 Without wasting any more of our time. Here is the top aftermarket fuel pump brand you should know.

5 Best Aftermarket Fuel Pump Brand review:

#1.AEM 50 – 1000

For vehicle owners with forced induction EFI, the AEM 50 – 1000 is your best bet yet. AEM has held quite a strong reputation for producing high-performance and high-quality products, and this fuel pump isn’t an exception.  One feature that makes this fuel pump an exceptional one is its size which makes it easy to classify as a universal fit.

Installing this pump is also easy, as it features an offset inlet design. With this pump, you can transfer a high volume of fuel into your carburetor effortlessly, with a flow of 340lph at 40 PSI. The AEM50 – 1000 is made of high-quality rubber that is quite durable than most pumps installed in the factory.

Asides from the mechanical operation and its ease of use, this fuel pump is easy to handle. It weighs about 1 pound, which makes it easy to handle and operate. During operation, this pump makes little noise. With the AEM 50 – 1000 you wouldn’t have any fuel issues as with most factory-installed pumps.

AEM 50-1000 High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump, Black,...
330 Reviews
AEM 50-1000 High Flow In-Tank Fuel Pump, Black,…
  • Designed for high output naturally aspirated and forced…
  • 39 millimeter diameter fits most applications; Offset inlet…
  • For gasoline vehicles (pump life may be diminished when used…


  • Quiet operation
  • High horsepower
  • Fuel pressure is strong
  • Easy to install
  • High-quality and durable


  • Fits most cars, but not all
  • The wiring could be faulty sometimes
  • Modification may be required.


Next, we have another fuel pump from one of the best manufacturers in the game, CUSTONEPARTS. Having made several car parts and products, we find the E2157 fuel pump more appealing than most. The E2157 fuel pump is made out of high-quality rubber with added durability that meets the standards of OE. So, you’re sure going to be using this fuel pump for quite a while without experiencing any damages.

With a flow rate that ranges from 140 – 160 LPH, you can get a large volume of fuel into your tank faster and more effectively than most. While its aesthetics may not seem important to some purchasers, most consider its shiny coating and find it really appealing.

The E2157 fuel pump comes with an installation kit. For an even easier and quicker installation process. You’ll find a clamp, strainer, rubber tube, and wiring in this installation kit. All present to aid its installation. The CUNSTONEPARTS E2157 is suitable for a significant number of Ford cars. It is also factory-tested, to ensure longevity and prolonged use. You also get to avoid frequent repairs and replacements when you install this fuel pump, making it the best aftermarket mechanical fuel pump brand on our review today.

Using this electric fuel pump comes with a whole lot of assurance, as it is tested and trusted. The hundreds of positive ratings are another proof of its efficiency. This review will definitely be incomplete without the inclusion of this in-tank pump.

CUSTONEPARTS New High Performance Aftermarket...
642 Reviews
CUSTONEPARTS New High Performance Aftermarket…
  • Item Offered Aftermarket Electric Fuel Pump & Necessary…
  • Flow Rate 140-160 LPH
  • Material Made of High Quality & Durable Material That Meets…


  • It is easy to install
  • Installation kits are included
  • Compatible with numerous Ford products
  • All materials meet the OE standards


  • Warranty offers are limited
  • The filters are not usually the right fit
  • Fuel bleeds back more often than normal.

#3.DMVO – DWFPD017

With over 5 years of producing high-quality auto parts, DMVO has shown consistency and blessed vehicle owners with the DWFPD017 Model, especially Dodge vehicles.  This pump serves as the perfect replacement for old fuel system parts that have worn out. Using this pump means better overall vehicle performance and helps you use your fuel efficiently.

The DWFPD017 model features a motor that uses a fourth-generation turbo pump that gives it enough pressure and power to allow a high volume of fuel to flow into your tank. This way, you have an even shorter engine startup time. The assembly of this fuel pump meets the OEM standards. Installation is also easy and effortless with this fuel pump.

Above all, this fuel pump is very durable. It adopts a plastic strengthening method, which involves injection molding technology. Its plastic components are perfect for preventing corrosion and contaminated fuel due to unwanted metal deposits.

You also get a noiseless operation too thanks to its efficient turbo pump. To eliminate extra resistance, this fuel pump has a wider terminal size than most. It sure is easy to trust this DMVO fuel pump, as it has gone through over 200 product tests that affirm its authenticity.

DWVO Fuel Pump Compatible with 2004-2009 Dodge Ram...
447 Reviews
DWVO Fuel Pump Compatible with 2004-2009 Dodge Ram…
  • DWVO fuel pump is designed as a replacement for your…
  • Using an enhanced fourth-generation turbo pump as motor to…
  • Adopting injection molding technology to strengthen plastic…


  • Noiseless operation
  • Short startup time
  • Powerful performance
  • Core has an optimal design


  • Some users have a complaint about the durability of this fuel pump.


We also have the TOPSCOPE FP3501M which serves as a replacement for OE. With this fuel pump, you don’t need to make any modifications. It works perfectly for specific vehicles, as it is not a universal fit. After years of making auto quality and effective products, having the FP3501M fuel pump as one of the fuel pumps there is came as no surprise to us.

The materials used in the manufacturing of these products are durable and of high quality. They meet the OEM standards, which makes it possible to be used for quite some time before wearing out. If properly cared for, you may never experience any form of damages or wearing out.

This product has gone through a 100% testing process to ensure it’s safe to use with respect to form and function. The FP3501M fuel pump model aced all the tests it was put through, hence the reason why it is a top-rated fuel pump.

The TOPSCOPE FP3501M is compatible with quite a number of vehicles, especially GMC SIERRA Models and the CHEVROLET SILVERADO. The installation process is also not a big deal, especially for mechanically inclined vehicle owners. This fuel pump also comes with a filter that keeps impurities away, allowing for pure and effective fuel to be filled in your tank.

TOPSCOPE FP3501M - Fuel Pump Assembly E3501M for...
64 Reviews
TOPSCOPE FP3501M – Fuel Pump Assembly E3501M for…
  • This is a high quality, brand new aftermarket replacement…
  • Please check the Year/Make/Model drop down menu at the top…
  • Replacement for: MU1090, MU1333, MU1517, MU1614, E3501M,…


  • Installation is easy to carry out
  • It is 100% tested and trusted
  • Meets the OE and OEM standards


  • The pressure gets unstable sometimes.

#5.CUSTOM Genuine 255LPH

Finally, we have the best aftermarket power steering fuel pump brand. The CUSTOM 255LPH model is a super-efficient fuel pump. Unlike other fuel pumps, this one needs professional hands for its installation. While installing it yourself is possible, professional installation is highly recommended.

The horsepower of this pump varies depending on its function. You get as much as 800hp when using for naturally-aspirated engines, and for turbo engines, you get about 750hp. The hardware of this fuel pump is universal, designed to fit all vehicles. However, there might be a slight difference in size, but it’s still going to fit anyways.

When installing this pump, a couple of modifications may be needed, and that is why a professional is required to make this installation. Above all, the flow rate of this fuel pump is exceptional. You get a 340 LPH at 40 PSI. It is also made of metal, which makes it sturdy and durable enough to last for a long while.

CUSTOM Genuine 255LPH High Flow Electric Intank...
527 Reviews
CUSTOM Genuine 255LPH High Flow Electric Intank…
  • Please be sure to confirm whether this Fuel Pump fit your…
  • Direct Replacement, Professional Installation Is Highly…
  • Technical Data: Min Voltage Input:12V; Max Voltage…


  • It is durable
  • The flow rate is perfect for filling your tank up


  • Modifications are needed for a couple of vehicles


The above-reviewed fuel pumps are efficient, durable, and of high quality. However, replacing your factory-installed fuel pump with one of these isn’t a good idea. Replacements should only be done when necessary. The best aftermarket fuel pump brands are also reliable, so be rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.

The AEM 50 -1000 tops the list, as it is the most economical and possesses features that other products in this review have. Be sure to check for the fit of a fuel pump before purchase and installation, as constantly making replacements may destroy more than just the fuel pump.

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