Best Budget Double Din Head Unit -Reviews 2021

Driving is fun with music. Plus, unless you know all the routes, you’ll not go anywhere without GPS. Unfortunately, you need a tool that performs these functions. Sure a smartphone used to be a good navigation and entertainment tool. But, it caused a lot of distractions to those behind the wheels. That’s why digital head units were designed.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive double din radio, you’re lucky because we’ll review the best double DIN head units on a budget. Before, the word best cheap double din head unit usually served as a warning and not a tempting suggestion. It meant for poor quality, low screen resolution, woeful knobs, and slow performance. But, those days are long gone.

Today, the market is full of cheap and excellent double DIN head units. Of course, spending more will land you a good DIN head unit that’ll serve you for a long time. But, there are many cheap and intruding double DIN car stereos.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or want to a new high-end double DIN head unit, here are our top ten picks.

Top 10 Best Budget Double Din Head Unit 

Best Budget Double Din Head Unit

1. Sony XAV-AX1005DB Media Receiver

 Sony XAV-AX1005DB Media Receiver


Drive with Sony, Enjoy the smartest audio system inside your car. Here we come with One of the best budget double din head units, it is Sony XAV-AX1005DB Audio Media Receiver. The first mentionable feature of this media receiver is, it is Apple CarPlay Media Receiver with Bluetooth function.

It also features a very clear and responsive touchscreen by which everything becomes under the control of your one-finger tap. The size of this touchscreen is 15.7cm (full color, diagonal, 6.2). Compared with Sony’s previous model, this touchscreen wakes up faster (almost two and a half).

Here you will get the Apple CarPlay by which it will be very easy for you to navigate the map, play music on your 6.2 inches Touch Screen. It has a USB port on its front side.  The Bluetooth connection also exists in this device.

The clear and very responsive touch screen of this car stereo allows each operation. The Ergonomic Rotary Dial presence at the sidebar of the Sony XAV-AX1005DB Media Receiver offers easy and distraction-free volume control, voice commands for further move.

What We Like:

  • Turn or Push to Control the whole system
  • Steady Rear-View Camera
  • Easy Installation
  • Intelligent Voice Control
  • Personal GPS Navigation (Navigation through Apple CarPlay)
  • Powerful and Colorful Amplificatio

What Could Be Better:

  • Not Compatible with Androi

2. SWTNVIN Car Radio Stereo

 SWTNVIN Car Radio Stereo Fits for Mercedes Benz


SWTNVIN Car stereo system comes with Wince 6.0 Operating System. The 7 inches powerful and responsive HD Touch screen consists of 256MB RAM with a free 16GB Map Card. It can run smoothly, can navigate the online maps instantly in an intelligent way.

Features like GPS Navigation support, Bluetooth connection, RDS Steering Wheel Control, Subwoofer Output, Game, SD/USB/DVD, etc. are included in this unit. The built conductive to offer a safe driver is also included here.

With the help of the Mirror Link app, this double din head unit can connect with all android smartphones. Thus it can show the phone menu, can allow enjoying music, video, photo, online map navigation, etc.

While you are driving, you can attend to any Bluetooth phone call if you have this item fitted into your car’s audio system.

What We Like:

  • Bluetooth/GPS/SWC
  • Applicable model is wider
  • Mirror Link App
  • GPS Navigatio

What Could Be Better:

  • Not for VW Crafte

3. XTRONS DSP 7-inch Android 10 Car Stereo Double DIN Head Unit

 XTRONS DSP 7 inch Android 10 Car Stereo Double DIN Head Unit


Based on the most updated Octa Core Android Solution, XTRONS double din head unit comes with lots of other latest techs and features.

This comes with 2GB RAM DDR 4 + 32 GB ROM SSD.  As it has the latest processor, so very rapid performance, it takes less than one second to boot itself.

Windows 10 operating system becomes so easier for your new car media system.  A high responsive touchscreen with 1024 x 600 resolution supports various video formats up to 1080P 60fps Fidelity. This touchscreen generates a super responsive and intuitive User Interface to bring more enjoyment through car media.

Like other branded car media, it also comes with CarAutoPlay with Screen Monitoring. A simple connection through the USB Cable makes you capable to enjoy these apps. You can run this media through your voice command and can easily select your desired content.

What We Like:

  • Improved Bluetooth 5.0 Module
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Powerful Octa Core Processor
  • New Generation DDR4 RAM
  • XTROONS UI Design
  • Built in GPS Receive Module
  • Steering Wheel Control
  • Screen Mirroring Function
  • Built-In DSP Function
  • High Power Amp
  • Real Time AHD Imag

What Could Be Better:

  • Low Quality Radio App

4. EINCAR Android 10 Head Unit Double Din Car Radio

Android 10 Head Unit Double Din Car Radio


EINCAR Doubled Din car media is a budget-friendly unit, that provides all convenience to enjoy more from a car media player. Yes, it is one of the perfect car media choices, as it is focusing on the latest hardware upgrading plus soft development.  Ultimately this unit allows a great driving experience for a long way!

The unique selling points, that comes into this product-

  • Pure Android 10 OS
  • Multiple Touch Screen Accuracy with Sensitivity
  • Quad-Core Processor
  • 16 GB Flash Memory
  • 3D GPS Navigation
  • Wi-Fi/3G/4G for better surfing the internet
  • OBD2 Diagnostic Car Auto Interface Scanner

It has Built in Wi-Fi module; by which you can easily connect with your smartphone. You can use the hotspot as well. Both the 3G or 4G hotspot is acceptable for this unit. And using this, you can download what you need, any content any apps can browse YouTube, Pandora, etc.

This double din radio also supports the Mirror link. For your smartphone, you can use the mirror link option through the USB cable connection or by the Wi-Fi connection, you also can enjoy the Airplay for iPhone.

The GPS Navigation is also very active here. Only by your voice guidance, you can get the online map, Dual Zone (Bluetooth/Listening music/Radio/Audio while you are driving. Ultimately it allows safe driving at the side with your other functioning as well.

This head unit is universal, suitable for most cars. You will have to spend a few minutes, and the installation will be done easily, installation bracket is included with this product.

What We Like:

  • Pure Android 10 Operating System
  • Wi Fi Internet with Easy Connection
  • Bluetooth Wireless Connection
  • Backup Camera Input
  • Top Navigation Offline Ma

What Could Be Better:

  • Don’t includes the 3G/4G Dongle & the OBD

5. Stereo Home Car Stereo Satellite GPS Navigator for Vauxhall Opel Double Din Head Unit

Stereo Home Car Stereo Satellite GPS Navigator for Vauxhall Opel Double Din Head Unit 7


Stereo Home Car Stereo has so many technical updates, can enrich your factory car stereo. The size of this unit is very good, 7 inches. This size is capacitive to show you a full HD image in a live-like resolution.

You can enjoy both the DVD and the CD option here. In both cases, this best double din head unit is capable to deliver a profound sound, very clear video.

It supports GPS navigation. Though an online map for Germany and Italy is not included in this unit, still it is best to search for the desired map and quickly download it on the user’s smartphone.

This audio media also supports USB; it has an SD slot too. As it is both FM and AM radio, so better more for radio experiencing.

What We Like:

  • DVD/CD Player Support
  • USB/SD/FM/AM/RDS/Bluetooth SWC
  • 7 inches double Din Unit measuremen

What Could Be Better:

  • Incomplete Navigation Ma

6. NVGOTEV Double Din Head Unit Car Stereo

NVGOTEV 2 Din Car Stereo Compatible with Golf VW Skoda Seat


The SWC function of NVGOTEV Double Din Head Unit Car Stereo system included due to ensure additional safety and easy operation by simply pressing the steering wheel button.

This unit also could prevent an accident as it supports the rearview camera at the time of driving in reverse. Besides this, it supports the Mirror link which supports most Android Phones. And only using Bluetooth or the USB cable, you can set the Mirror link on your phone.

The Daul Zone Function provides more to enjoy two apps or two operations side by side at the same time. At the time of your online map navigation, you also can enjoy the music or the radio if you use this double din head unit.

It supports Radio, FM, AM, and RDS. It also supports DAB+ as well. The FM frequency range is 87.5-108MHz and the AM frequency range is 522-1620MHz.

It is compatible to run the SD/DVD/CD/USB media player. Once you set this media player to modify your car’s media, it will make cool your car driving even for a few hours.

What We Like

  • Radio FM AM RDS
  • SD DVD CD USB Media Player
  • Bluetooth Function
  • GPS Navigation
  • SWC Function
  • Rearview Camera Support
  • Support Mirror Link
  • Dual Zone Functio

What Could Be Better:

  • Less durable compared with same other brand

7. CAMECHO Car double din head unit

Android 10.0 Car Radio with Octa Core


CHAMECO is an ideal double din stereo unit, that comes with 4GB (RAM) + 64 GB (ROM) memory details. It allows enjoying the image or video at a high resolution of 1024 x 600 HD. This 10.1 inches’ larger touch screen stereo unit is capacitive to allow a perfect visualization with perfect audio quality.

The main functions of the CHAMECO audio unit are-Bluetooth functioning, Default Intelligent Voice, GPS Navigation, DSP Supports for Mirror Link, Wi-Fi connectivity, and so on.

It bears a reasonable price, it is impressive and it is functional. Apps like Google, Mirror Link, or other apps totally run on this app smoothly. We would recommend this product to everyone.

Though the installation instruction is too little compared with the whole installation, the total procedure is very easy and time saver.

What We Like:

  • Intelligent Voice
  • Wireless CarPlay
  • Wired Android Auto
  • DSP Function
  • Split Screen Function
  • Preset EQ Mode
  • Faster boot up time
  • Descent Sound deliver

What Could Be Better:

  • Need an additional 16 pin harness adapter
  • Poor installation instructio

8. Alpine Electronics INEW990HDMI Double Din Navigation Head Unit

Alpine Electronics INEW990HDMI Double Din Navigation Head Unit with Bluetooth Handsfree


Alpine Electronics INEW990HDMI Double Din Navigation Head Unit with 1 kg weight, and 50 watts output wattage now dominating the double din head unit market very strongly.

The control method of Alpine is voice and touch. Once you get this product on your hand and install it onto your car media, you will get-

  • Bluetooth Connections
  • Compatibility with iPod and iPhone
  • Functions as CD/DVD player
  • GPS Navigation
  • USB Connection
  • 4 Powerful amplifiers with 50w power of each
  • HDMI Input
  • Perfect Sound Tuning both from the audio and video content.

What We Like:

  • Hands-free operation through Bluetooth connection
  • GPS navigation
  • 4 amplifier

What Could Be Better:

  • Not found any

9. SWTNVIN Car Radio Stereo Double Din Head Unit

SWTNVIN Car Radio Stereo


If you are searching a perfect double din head unit for your Mercedes Benz E-Class W211 CLS W219 model, undoubtedly SWTNVIN doubled head unit would be perfect for you.

This unit functions through Wince 6.0Os. It is 7 inches larger and it contains 256MB Ram with a 16GB Map card to make smoothen your memory keeping with online map downloading.

Features like GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity, Steering Wheel Control, Game, Subwoofer Output, SD/USB, DVD pare resent here to offer a deep functional experience from the car media.

Mirror Link also included into this item, so that you can connect your smartphone with your car media player and can enjoy controlling the phone even you are driving. So it allows a hand free phone operating, also allow attending all Bluetooth phones, phone browsing only over one touch or by your voice command.

What We Like:

  • Bluetooth/GPS/SWC
  • Package Content
  • Supports NTSC & PAL Standard to support the backup camer

What Could Be Better:

  • No connector seems suitable; might will need a major transformation!

10. JOYX Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo Head Unit

JOYX Android 10 Double Din Car Stereo


KC Navigation manufactures this powerful double din head unit thinking the best for its consumers. Service like Pandora, Spotify supported this brand with 4 awesome connectivity technology like RCA, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and, USB.

This head unit is compatible with all smartphones and its output wattage of it is 45W. You can control this unit either through IOS, or Android also suitable to control it smoothly.

The whole fitment is very encouraging, However, this product usually comes with lots of convenient features. The sound quality is extremely high and the video content seems very live on the screen.

The DVD player also works fine. Not only the DVD player all the apps run very smoothly here. It has a micro SD slot and it works with Bluetooth or USB connectivity.

What We Like:

  • Android 10 System
  • Radio app and the Google Map doesn’t work consistently.
  • Broader Application on various car’s model
  • Split Screen Function
  • Bluetooth 5.0 Connectivity
  • Online and Offline Map Navigation
  • SWC and Wi-Fi with 4G connection

What Could Be Better:

  • Lack of some functionalit

Best Double din Head Units Buying Guide

With different technologies out there, there’s no single double din head unit that fits all users. Some Apple fans will not settle for anything that doesn’t work with their iPhone the same also applies to Android users. A good head unit is one that integrates easily with your smart devices. Other than that one should also consider:

Best Double din Head Units Buying Guide

Peak and RMS Power

You not only manage which song plays next with your double din but it also determines how loud a song will play. Head units with greater power capabilities provide punchier music which is more enjoyable. Therefore, check the peak and RMS power ratings of a product before buying it. We recommend highly powered units with RCA line inputs and a built-in amplifier.

Connectivity Options

Connectivity and the number of devices that can be connected to your unit at the same time really matter. Newer models come with upgraded Bluetooth, USB connections, and AUX for better performance. Most OEM stereos have few yield channels which makes updating your sound difficult. Therefore double din with extra watts for numerous channels will come along way.

Ease of Use

Integration with your devices is one thing but usability is another. You don’t want a unit that will give you a difficult time using it. Therefore, think of the user interface. Opt for models that allow you to integrate important functions from the display. This way, you’ll not keep your focus on the roads and not your phone while driving.

Extra Features

Additional features improve the functionally of these devices. A good double din unit should have some of these extra features Wi-Fi connectivity, theft protection, steering wheel controls, etc.

How We Picked the Best Budget Double Head Unit

Double din units provide one with radios, DVD players, touchscreens, and navigation systems. You can, therefore, perform many operations from your phone as long as it is synced with this unit. These units elevated the entertainment level of your car and help individuals manage basic operations from the driver’s seat.

Having that in mind, individuals should go for units that will simplify things for them. That’s why we opted for models listed on this guide. Among the things we considered is whether it makes your drive easier. It won’t make sense to add something to your car that’ll interfere with your driving. We opted for easy to use layouts that one can easily access functions. And if there’s a need for connecting devices, the ports must have a clear view.

Also, we picked models that were easy to install. When improving your car, you’d want to avoid unnecessary expenses as much as possible. Sure, double din head units are best when installed with a pro. However, there are so many units that one can easily install, connect then sync all by themself.

Price is another factor that we considered. Now, the good thing about having different models is that individuals get a range of options. You shouldn’t spend more than what you can afford on a product. Since there are various models in all price ranges, one can pick as per their budget and preference.

All You Need to Know about Double Din Head Unit

Head units are simply center console or display placed at the center of a car’s audio system. Your vehicle model and make as well as your preference determine which din to choose. Those who want simple functionality should opt for a single head unit. However, if you want interaction with your car system via voice control, touchscreen, or anything else, then a double din head unit will work for you.

These units are mostly purchased with people who want to expand their car’s radio capabilities. Now current models come with many functionality and controls. Double din units come in standard measuring of 18mm by 100 mm which makes installation easier as they measure the same size. However, there are different types. But they all follow a similar design. Since a double din unit controls the infotainment system of a car, one should consider the functions they need at a price they can afford.

Important Q/A about Double Din Head Unit

What are double head units?

These are head units that fit in two DINs. DIN is the car opening that a radio fits. 2-DIN units are equipped with touchscreen displays ranging from 3.5 to 7 inches. They’re wider than a single DIN hence can only replace a double din head unit.

Why should I buy a double din head unit?

Well, there are many benefits of having this device in your car. One you’ll be able to make/receive calls without taking hands off the wheel. Also, it assists with navigation as they come with an inbuilt GPS. Again, individuals can browse or listen to songs from their phones without holding it in their hands.

Which double din is right for my dash?

Double head units can fit into different dashes depending on the vehicle’s model, year, and make. Ensure that you buy a model that fits into the Din slot on your vehicle’s dash.

Which double unit is best for Android?

When choosing a double din head unit for Android, ensure that it operates well with your device’s Android operating system. Usually, these units come with pre-installed programs but one can download other apps. If your Android devices use the latest Android version it can work well with double din head unit.

What are the best double units for iOS?

For iOS users, a good unit should have an inbuilt iPhone, iPod, and iPod controls. Fortunately, most stereos designed for iOS are AppRadio Mode+ or Apple CarPlay compatible. Therefore, users can easily access messages, listen to music or podcasts, and live stream videos.

Will installing a double din stereo affect my steering wheel control?

Some units are compatible with the steering wheel’s audio control such as volume up, volume down, previous, next, etc. An iDatalink Maestro tool connects HU to the steering wheel. However, this depends on your vehicle type.

Does a double din stereo need an antenna?

Radio reception is weak without an antenna. But, if you’re connecting via the internet, you’ll be streaming radio hence no need of antenna. Or, one can also connect their smartphone radio via Bluetooth to their car stereo if they don’t want to invest in an antenna.

Final Thoughts

The information on this guide will help one identify the best double din for their car. Note that there are many models available to choose from. However, not all of them will be suitable for you. Therefore, consider the factors above when shopping. It’s wise that you explore more about how a unit will better your infotainment system before settling on any.

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