Guide: How to Pick the Best Car Visor Extender

The work of a car visor extender is to help make your driving as comfortable as can be when the sun is angling to your face. As a driver, you must have known that having to deal with sun obstruction when driving early in the morning or at sunset in the afternoon is not only frustrating but something you face every day, hence the need for the best car visor extender as a lasting solution.

Besides the blinding glare, consistent exposure to direct sunlight is unhealthy for your eyes. The way you confirm this is the feeling of irritation you get when exposed to direct sunlight. In addition to being unhealthy and distractive, sun rays affect your concentration on the road which can result in the unthinkable.

As such, immediately you start feeling obstructed by sunlight you need to get your visor extender and set it in the position to get back your driving comfort. Of cause, that is if you already have the right car visor extender installed. But if you don’t, this article goes into depth to help you choose the car sun visor extender in the market that offers a reliable solution to obstructive sun glare when driving. Here you go:

How to choose the Best Car Visor Extender In 2021

The car visor concept has not evolved that much since its inception. However, there is no doubt that its importance to safe driving cannot be overemphasized. A visor extender basically lengthens or simply put: extends the protective advantage of the ordinary visor your car came with.

Best Car Visor Extender

The way we wear dark shades to block the blinding sunshine is how this tool functions to divert harmful sun glares that come through your windshield or from sides via your car windows. As such, getting the best visor extender is not an option because anything less has the potential to interfere with your comfort while driving. To achieve that, here are things you need to watch out to help you narrow down your options, these include:

Compatibility with your car

Unlike other automotive spare parts that are car and model-specific, it is a bit hard to get an extender that is particularly designed for your car type. This leaves you with a list of universal, adjustable, and fixed-size visor extenders to decide from. To avoid disappointments, universal fit visor extenders work better.

Besides that, you can check on the reviews as most users would mention their car model when giving feedback, and it’s likely someone will mention they tried it on your vehicle’s model.

Pick the best quality

You know a good visor by its ability to serve as an anti-glare and as well as increasing your range of view. The material used goes a long way to define the quality and usability of a visor. Pick the finest material. Nevertheless, it’s important to check on durability because after the installation your visor spends most of the time be exposed to varying weather conditions – high and low temperatures depending on the season.


The best car sun visor extender does prioritize comfort. And as such, it is wise that the one you choose gives that sense of relief when driving in the sun. In other words, the item should not be too light that you don’t feel the protection and also should not be too dark to cause you to stain.

Ease of Installation

Mounting up a car visor extender should not be rocket science. Thus, go for that which is easy to install as an additional advantage. Five minutes should be enough to fit in a visor. A good brand would also give quick instructions so that you don’t have to spend hours trying to figure out on your own how you think it should fit.

Top 5 Best Car Visor Extender Review in 2021

After a long and careful search and putting into account the above criteria in our efforts to find the most preferred visor, we narrowed down to the below options. Again, remember quality, ease of installation and the other factors we’ve mentioned have been key in coming up with this shortlist. So here you go

Best Car Visor Extender review

1. TuckVisor BLACKOUT Windshield Sunshade

TuckVisor BLACKOUT Windshield Sunshade

The TuckVisor has worn its number sport in our research because of its quality and other key reasons. Its ingenious shape makes it fit for use in a wide range of cars. It also attaches quite fitly and firmly both on your visor as well as on the window trim, that someone can hardly tell it is an extension. TuckVisor’s other qualities that set it apart are, besides being removable and reusable, it effortlessly slides into position.

This sun shield extender by TuckVisor is made from a super thin, rigid, and opaque material that allows it to block potentially harmful morning and evening sun rays as well as withstand the elements. When fitted it stands firm as the pegs support it between the trim and window. Also, the fact it is made by the same company behind Cling Visor, this visor has earned trust with most motorists. In summary below is a list of its strengths and weak points:

What We Like

  • Fits well with most car models
  • Effectively blocks glare hence easing eye strain
  • Tucks perfectly and firmly between trim and window
  • It significantly reduces the intensity of heat and sun exposure
  • It uses a semi-rigid material
  • It’s easy to store

What Could Be Better

  • Some users dislike it simplicity
  • Some users say it could be DIY.

2.The Guard Polarized Anti-Glare Car Visor Extender

Glare Guard Polarized Car Visor Extender

The Guard Polarized Anti-Glare is more focused on improving safety as an anti-glare. Its 14” x 3.25” size is one factor that helps it achieve the goal and that it fits well on most cars, RVs, SUVs, and Trucks. Top on that, the Guard uses a polarized technology designed to reduce the intensity of harmful sun glare. Indicated on its labels is that run tests confirmed this particular visor is able to reduce over 99.9 percent of both UVB and UVA sun rays.

It comes with Velcro straps that allow quick installation as well fits pretty well on your built-in car visor. No instructions required, fitting it is as easy as simply tucking it. Besides the straps that are designed to enhance stability, it has aluminum clips that allow it to stay tight despite the varying temperatures. With regard to vision, the item prides for using fine acrylic material that ensures a clear view. The other pluses we found about this car visor extender include:

What We Like:

  • It uses prime quality polarized film
  • Blocks obstructive and harmful sun rays
  • Gives a perfect view so it doesn’t feel unnatural
  • Uses both straps and clips to keep firm in all weather
  • Comes with easy to follow installation instructions
  • Fits almost naturally on most common car models

What Could Be Better

  • Some users complain of design problem related to the fastener screws
  • Could be time-consuming when you have to install and remove often

3. Visormates –Side Window Driver & Passenger Visor Extenders

Visormates - Side Window Sun Visor Extenders

Visormates comes in three sizes, unlike other universal car visor extenders. The smallest is four to five-inch tall, followed by the medium size fit – six to seven inch tall and lastly the larger size, which is approximately eight to nine-inch tall. With these variations in size, it is easier to pick that perfect match and forget the pain of being obstructed by sun rays.

Depending on the color of your car interior Visor mates also allow car owners to choose between black, gray or tan car visor extenders, which in general gives that sense of aesthetic value consideration. Also of importance to mention is the fact that this visor allows you to shield away sunlight from the side window, which in most cases can be a bit of bother when driving. Basically, this product has addressed the need all around, from providing driver and passenger visor extender extenders, in variable colors and in variable sizes. In point form, below is a summary of what to expect from Visor mates visor extenders:

What We Like

  • Made with similar material used by car manufacturers
  • You can choose the best fitting size either small, medium or big
  • Comes in a set of 2, one for the driver and one for the passenger side
  • Fits on all vehicle sizes – pickups, crossover and other car models
  • Doesn’t interfere with color matching as you can choose what you want
  • Repels low angle morning and evening sunlight effectively

What Could Be Better:

  • No clear fitting instruction is given
  • Picking the exact perfect size can be tricky

4. Wanpool Anti-Dazzle Anti-Glare Sunshade Extender

WANPOOL Anti-Glare Anti-Dazzle Vehicle Visor Sunshade Extender Sun Blocker

What makes this Wanpool Anti-Glare car visor extender exceptional from others is, it enhances driving in various key ways. First, it is a perfect fit for vans and trucks but not limited to other cars. It is also highly effective in keeping your eyes well protected from ultraviolet light. No UV rays escape with this driver sunshade extender. Top on that, it also reduces dazzling when the sun is directly facing you as you drive.

Whether you have to drive against the sunrise hours in the morning going to work, or in the evening back home during the late afternoon sunset this Wanpool visor helps you get the concentration you need on the road. Besides that, it is also clear enough that you can easily maneuver in the traffic as well as see any abstractions on-road such as potholes. Its advantages and drawbacks include:

What We Like:

  • Manufactured from flexible, light but strong material
  • Effectively shields your eyes from ultraviolet sunshine
  • Comes with two elastic straps for easy fitting
  • Easy to store between the seats when not in use
  • Best for vans, cars as well as trucks
  • It’s way much affordable compared to its rivals

What Could Be Better:

  • The material is too thin according to some users
  • Others say it is too floppy

5. Trillium Worldwide Tint Vis’r Smoky Sun Shield

Trillium Worldwide GS-2014 Glare Vis'r Smoky Tint 11.75

The Trillium sun shield extender is made from shatterproof polycarbonate. And blocks over 90 percent of UVB and UVA rays coming your way when driving in. It also offers an instant solution to reflections while driving against sunset light or blinding glare during those super bright days.

Top on that, the Trillium Smoky Sun Shield fits well on either the driver or passenger side. You don’t have to worry about incompatibility. Other important things this car visors extender takes into account is, even people of shorter stature, the disabled, and the elderly can get the comfort they are looking for in a visor with it, as it stretches to limits that other options don’t. It also comes with one universal size of 11.8” x 4” x 1.70” which has proven to resonate well with most car models. Its strengths and demerits in a bullet list are as below:

What We Like:

  • Offers a perfect size for the job with no unwieldy hinges
  • A great solution for deflecting blinding glare
  • Can be stored above your car visor with ease
  • Durable as it is made from shatter material
  • Offers a great design which makes the car look unique
  • Can also be use don the passenger side.

What Could Be Better

  • The hinges may not be a perfect fit for constant flipping
  • Must be mounted correctly else the rays might escape through

How We Picked the Best Car Visor Extender

Our journey to the car visor, if I may rate it has been a bit time consuming because we tried to be as choosy as possible. We looked into the most essential factors that offer both safety and comfort when driving again both the morning and afternoon light. These include:

How We Picked the Best Car Visor Extender

The percentage of UVA/UVB rays it blocks. Above everything else, you want a car visor that shields you from as much sun glare as possible. In our case,90% and above blockage is great because basically what you are looking is to reduce distraction and potentially harmful light.

The durability of the material used. A certain car visor extender might offer great ease and comfort from the blinding sun, but it is of no good if it can’t last for a few months or breaks the very moment you want it the most. In simple terms, you want its ability to improve your driving experience, protect your eyes and for it to last long.

Usability: Talking of usability, the visor should be easy to install and remove anytime you want. For instance, when you are stuck in traffic and you want to reduce the obstruction from the evening sun when going back home, anything that takes several hours to fit would be of little use to you. A good visor should be instant to set up – peg, strap or slide over the existing visor. The inches are also a factor to look at as they need to be easy to move, as well as withstand constant flipping without breaking.

Comfort: How comfortable will the car visor extender be after you have fit it, is one aspect we found really important to consider. This does not only affect its length capacity, it also has soothing to do with the transparency you get. It should not be too light or too dark, the right amount of transparency should a key factor.

All You Need to Know About the Visor Extender 

The market is full of options when it comes to car visor brands and as such, it can be super hard to make a decision on what item to go with. Now to help you maneuver the murky streets of the internet try to get the right product, here is what should help you define the visor extender:

Consider checking the quality all around

The material used to manufacture a car visor extender as well as the brand behind it dictates both its quality and usability. At least do your background research to see how reliable the material they’ve used is. Some use shatterproof poly carbonate materials, polarized film and so on.Plus don’t forget to check on the reputation of the company behind the item.

Branded car visor extenders don’t exist, only universal 

Besides that, know that getting a visor extender for you exact car model may not be easy and this is so because car manufacturers don’t make visors as spare parts. This leaves us with the only options of going with universal visors. But again, there is always that best sun shield extender that fits perfectly into your car – like you can pick one in the list above.

Technological advancement

It’s true that nothing much has improved on car visor extenders, technologically. However, the thing that makes some brands more preferable than others is the design, as pertaining to shape, adjustability, as well as the material used. So go for well-shaped, high-quality clear vision extenders.

Frequently used Questions about Visor Extender

Will it fit my car?

Yes, most car visors are designed to fit any vehicle model

How long should a good quality car visor last?

From two years and above

With is the best of all visors?

In our finding, we settled with the TuckVisor Windshield Sunshade as it meets most of the criteria we set including quality, usability, durability, and so on.

Final Verdict 

Blinding glare can be both distracting and dangerous when driving. Besides that, continuous exposure to UV rays while driving against the morning sun or in the afternoon can damage your eyesight and the only protection is getting the car visor extender.

As such, be sure to pick a visor that not only resonates with the color of your car but also offers the full defense you need against UV rays. Top on that, be keen on the material used to manufacture it. This should be durable as you also want something that would send you back shopping anytime soon.

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