Best Lowering Springs-2021 Reviews and Top Picks

Do you want to improve your vehicle’s handling but can’t do so due to budgetary constraints? If that’s the case, then you might want to consider lowering springs. Apart from being affordable, they also offer better handling and give a more aggressive look to your vehicle.

However, not all lowering springs on the market are made the same. To help you get the best value for your money, we have compiled our own list of the ten best lowering springs in the market.

We have reviewed each of the ten products in detail to make sure they’re among the best of the best.

Top 10 lowering springs we found on the market:

#1. D2 PRO Lowering Springs 2.0″

 D2 Pro is arguably the most sought-after brand of lowering springs in the market, thanks to the adjustability and unbeatable build quality of its products.

The D2 PRO springs feature a robust construction to make sure they’re sturdy, durable and can last for a long time. Built of 55 chrome silicon steel, the springs offer unmatched resilience to support your vehicle’s weight, making it one of the best lowering springs for the Fox Body. This translates to better handling of the body of your car.

Once installed, the springs will offer you better control of the suspension tuning which simply means better overall vehicle control. In addition, the springs are progressive and offer you between 1.0 and 1.5 inches of lowering value.

As they help lower your vehicle, you can achieve a more stable equilibrium. Using these springs allows you to accelerate with minimal chances of your vehicle squatting. You also get to negotiate corners more safely, and the springs will make sure to keep your wheels in the best shape possible.


  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Ensure proper handling
  • Easy to install
  • A 1.5-inch lowering value
  • Eliminate car squatting


  • Works more efficiently with recent car models
  • Some may find it hard to install

#2. BMR Suspension SP001R F-Body Lowering Spring Kit

If you like to revive your car and showcase it, then the BMR Suspension kit will serve you right.

The kit features a unique tune spring rate which also offers excellent vehicle handling. This allows you to enjoy a smooth ride in the comfort of your driver’s seat. Apart from that, it has a linear spring rate to ensure your car remains stable by offering adequate support when lowering your car.

This is particularly useful if you want your vehicle to remain flat without too much angling. With this lowering kit, you can lower your car to as much as 1.25 inches, which is enviable, especially for a sports car.

Apart from that, BMR also offers blending aesthetics alongside amazing performance. Overall, the springs boast a fine-tuned spring rate which ensures a smooth ride and superb handling.

BMR Suspension SP001R F-Body Lowering Spring Kit...
32 Reviews
BMR Suspension SP001R F-Body Lowering Spring Kit…
  • Feature a fine-tuned spring rate to give you great handling…
  • For the street performance crowd who want to use their cars…
  • Linear spring rate Offers plenty of support, keeping the…


  • Offers superb equilibrium
  • Maintains the uniformity and stability of your car
  • Comes with a linear spring rate that offers the much-needed support
  • Robust and durable construction
  • Works optimally with a V8 body


  • Requires precise installation for a smooth ride
  • Some experienced some sort of difficulty while installing

3#. Eibach 2895.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit

 Eibach has always been the brand to turn to when you need quality products within budgetary constraints. The company has built a reputation for manufacturing incredible products which guarantee the best value for your money.

 If you’re on the search for the best performing spring kit for your street-oriented car, then the Eibach 2895.140 kit is for you. These are high-quality springs that can help lower your car to achieve the best performance. You can also rely on these springs to boost the aesthetics of your car.

As a reputable brand, you can expect durability from the Eibach lowering kit. Moreover, you can also enjoy a suitable lowering range of between 1.0 and 1.5 inches which is unbeatable for street showcases.

The Eibach 2895.140 kit boasts of a progressive spring design that ensures you get a smooth, excellent ride, a better advantage of tackling corners, good consumption, and efficient braking and stopping.

This spring kit offers a one-in-all advantage as you get a reduced fender-well clearance. This contributes to overall excellent car performance. Besides, you don’t need to worry about braking noises that often happen when you brake at low speeds.

Eibach 2895.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit
20 Reviews
Eibach 2895.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring Kit
  • High performance handling and aggressive good looks
  • Lowers center of gravity
  • Lowers vehicle 1.0 inch – 1.5 inch


  • Ideal for heavy trucks and vehicles
  • Durable spring kit
  • Decent 1.0 to 1.5 lowering range
  • Reduced fender-well clearance
  • The progressive design offers an unbeatable driving experience


  • You might also need to get a pro damper for the effective performance of the spring
  • May not be ideal for extremely heavy trucks

#4. Eibach 4.4442 Sportline Kit

Eibach is a trusted company in the market, so it’s safe to say that their suspensions will leave your car running at its best. The Eibach 4.4442 kit lives up to this legacy, especially when used on race cars.

If you are a car racing enthusiast and would like lowering springs, then you’d want to try out the Eibach 4.442 springs kit. The springs work for every car but serve race cars best due to their high lowering capability. Besides, they also make sure that your car remains stable.

The importance of stability in a race car can’t be emphasized enough. A stable race car means lower chances of rollovers and enhanced safety as a whole. With these springs installed, you can comfortably accelerate and expect maximum traction in your race or showcases.

But it gets better than that. The spring kit also adds to the aesthetics of your car, giving it a better sporty touch that makes it stand out. In addition, you enjoy a lowering level of between 1.7 and 2.3 inches which is more than what most spring kits in the market offer.

The lowering limits are ideal, especially if you recently restored a vintage or classic car. Remember, when driving, you need quicker stops, better fuel consumption, and the ability to tackle corners more efficiently – qualities you can get from the Eibach 4.4442 kit.

Eibach 4.4442 Sportline Kit (Extreme Lowering...
16 Reviews
Eibach 4.4442 Sportline Kit (Extreme Lowering…
  • Extreme performance meets extreme style
  • Race-car like handling
  • Lower center of gravity – lowers vehicle 1.7 inch – 2.3 inch


  • Better aesthetic value
  • Offers the best handling feats
  • Better corner negotiation
  • Faster stops
  • Enhance safety as they promote equilibrium


  • Some may find the kit incompatible with their cars
  • Not ideal for old models

#5. Pro Suspension 272920 2in Rear Lowering Coils

As a car enthusiast, you can back up the saying, “There is no set limit for lowering the suspension of any vehicle.” So whether you are looking to lower your car, vehicle, or truck, the Pro Suspension lowering coils will do you justice.

You can use these lowering coils for your two-wheel or four-wheel truck without compromising its performance. Given the heavy weight that trucks have, they need two rear coils other than the usual lowering springs.

These two rear coils offer robust and proper support for heavy trucks. Besides, they have charcoal reinforcement which further boosts the strength of the coil. One strong non-technical advantage of Pro Suspension coils is their ease of use and installation.

The kit is pretty much DIY as long as you have the right mechanic’s toolbox. All you need are some principal instruments and basic car parts knowledge. Also, they are versatile and feature a design that makes them ideal to work alongside rear factory shocks.


  • Durable coils
  • Easy to install
  • Charcoal-powder coating for sturdiness and durability
  • 5 to 2 inches lowering range
  • Ideal for use on trucks


  • Some shocks or suspensions may fail to work well with these coils
  • Doesn’t come with an instructions manual

#6. Eibach 4247.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring

Eibach springs continue to show up on our list due to the high performance they offer. The 4247.140 by Eibach is the ideal pick if you are a frequent sports car driver. Furthermore, the Pro-kit performance is a relevant addition to your suspension.

Other than improving the looks of your car, it will get your car functioning optimally. The Eibach 4247.140 can help reduce or eliminate any squats you may be experiencing as you accelerate. Also, it helps improve the balance of your car, ensuring perfect equilibrium.

Also, the Pro-Kit springs will help eliminate any noise or any nose-diving experiences that you may have been experiencing as you negotiate corners or brakes. Besides lowering, you also get to enjoy lesser fender-well clearance.

This performance kit will reduce the height of your car by between 1 and 1.5 inches. The lowering height depends on the specification of your car. It is the best lowering springs for 350z as it is ideal for both vehicles as well as lightweight trucks.

Eibach 4247.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring for...
37 Reviews
Eibach 4247.140 Pro-Kit Performance Spring for…
  • High Performance Handling And Aggressive Good Looks.
  • Lower Center of Gravity.
  • Stop Quicker, Corner Faster and get Better MPG!


  • Fender-well clearance
  • It offers a range of between 1 and 1.5 inches
  • Excellent car balance for better corner negotiation
  • Ideal even for use on lightweight trucks
  • Improves the aesthetics of your car


  • The kit may work better in other cars than in others
  • It does not change the riding experience much, which some find impressive

#7. Progressive Suspension 10-1568 Fork Lowering Kit

So much emphasis has been put on cars, but if you are a cyclist, there is always something for you too. If you like to make better adjustments to the suspensions of your motor vehicle, maybe to make it appear more attractive or more street-worthy, then try the Fork Lowering Kit.

The Progressive Suspensions kit works best for any low-rider motorcycles. The suspension modifications you can make using this kit guarantees you additional comfort and a better sense of control as you cruise your bike.

The suspension, like in any other case, will work on your bike’s handling element. This offers you a smooth ride, even on the roughest of terrains. It will also help improve the aesthetic value of your bike, adding in an irresistible adventurous look.

You can use the kit to lower your bike as low as 2 inches while enjoying an unmatched ground clearance. Upon lowering, you can get a better center of gravity, which means better equilibrium and more stability.

Adding the Progressive Suspension Lowering Kit is a good way to enjoy impressive high speeds with increased safety and lesser chances of getting into an accident.

Progressive Suspension 10-1568 Fork Lowering Kit
29 Reviews
Progressive Suspension 10-1568 Fork Lowering Kit
  • Lowering kit utilizes progressive Suspensions experience and…
  • Progressively wound for more comfort and control over a…
  • Lower forks up to 2 in


  • Impressive 2-inch lowering range
  • Improves your motorcycle’s appearance
  • Durable and robust spring kit
  • The kit comes with an installation guide and washers
  • Improved handling irrespective of the road


  • May not work as efficiently when used on older motorcycle models
  • Some may find the springs stiff

#8. Skunk2 519-05-1580 Lowering Spring

If you have a Honda Civic that you would like to modify, the Skunk 519-05-1580 is the ideal modification lowering spring set for you. Though the springs are inclined to a Honda Civic, they are compatible with the new sedan models.

The Skunk Spring makes sure that your vehicle can perform optimally and even mimic race cars, especially in terms of car balance. In addition, the spring coils are made of steel, making them hardy, resilient, and robust which allows the springs to easily support standard cars.

For enhanced durability, the springs feature a powder coating that is resistant to corrosion and rust. A successful installation will help spread the weight of your vehicle uniformly.

The springs are made of top-quality SAE steel. In addition, they offer 1.0 to 1.5 inches of lowering range adjustment. Therefore, giving you a smooth driving experience. Also, you get to enjoy lesser nose dives as you break.

Skunk2 Racing 519-05-1580 Lowering Spring for...
41 Reviews
Skunk2 Racing 519-05-1580 Lowering Spring for…
  • Significally improve handling to increase cornering grip and…
  • Springs are CNC-wound using the highest quality SAE 9254V…
  • Front Spring Rate (Tender / Main): 135 lb-in / 184 lb-in /…


  • Durable
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Better aesthetic value
  • Ideal for use on modern cars
  • 0 to 1.5 inches height alteration


  • Not ideal for older car models
  • Not meant to slam your vehicle

#9. Belltech 964ND Lowering Kit with Nitro Drop

The market offers numerous products for vehicle lowering kits, which could make it hard to sort through. So, if you are looking for a versatile lowering kit, the Belltech 964ND should be one of your main options.

The lowering kit comes with nitro drops and offers a full suspension package for your car. You can rely on Belltech for use on various vehicles, be they sedans, SUVs, muscle cars, or trucks.

Other than improving the aesthetics of your car, you can be sure of better car handling as a result. Besides the coils, the kit also contains nitro drop shocks which aim to increase the efficiency of your car’s suspension system. This makes the kit quite versatile and ideal for use on different models.

With the Belltech 964ND, you can get an enhanced suspension that assures you of evenly spreading the vehicle’s weight. You also get a smooth ride, thanks to the better equilibrium achieved.

If you are using a speed-oriented car, you can rely on this lowering kit to enjoy better tackling and negotiating of corners. You also get dramatically reduced instances of car squats as you accelerate.

Belltech 964ND Lowering Kit with Nitro Drop 2...
46 Reviews
Belltech 964ND Lowering Kit with Nitro Drop 2…
  • Kit includes: 4762 2″ Front Drop Springs, 5317 4″ Rear Drop…
  • Belltech engineers have reviewed the most popular setups for…
  • These complete lowering kits are your all in one box…


  • Flexible and ideal for different models
  • Long-lasting coils
  • The package has nitro drop socks
  • Prevents squats and chances of rollovers
  • Massively-built springs for resilience


  • You might need a professional to install the springs for you
  •  Doesn’t completely eliminate squatting

#10. Tein SKL00-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring

If you are after top performance and quality without paying mind to the cost, Tein is the brand for you. Their lowering springs are flexibly adjustable and can give you optimal fit and performance.

When looking for the best lowering kit for your car, durability is the main factor to consider. Tein brand offer durability in their lowering springs, thanks to their dedicated manufacturing and robust building.

The springs are made of chrome vanadium which contributes significantly to their longevity. In addition, the springs have a green powder coating to resist corrosion and rust. This offers it more performance and longevity.

You can enjoy as much as a 1.5-inch drop when using this lowering kit. This range makes it ideal for vehicles, especially those intended for sporty showcases and street races.

The kit has four mainsprings, with each main spring having a similar number of springs for each of the four wheels. They also come with silence rubbers.

Tein SKL00-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Toyota...
39 Reviews
Tein SKL00-AUB00 S.Tech Lowering Spring for Toyota…
  • Chrome vanadium SAE9254V construction
  • Progressive spring rate design
  • Includes silencer rubber on certain applications


  • Sturdy springs
  • Decent lowering range of 1.5
  • Silencer rubber for spring protection
  • Green-powder coating for spring durability
  • Compatible with numerous car models


  • May not work well with some vehicles like station wagons
  • It has a drop minimum of 1.5 inches

Buying Guide

Here are some key aspects to consider when looking to buy lowering springs;

Drop Rate

This refers to the inches in which the spring can lower your car. How low you should get your car lowered depends on several reasons. If you are a daily driver, lowering your car excessively could do more harm when going through potholes and bumps.

As a rule of thumb, a good spring should offer a drop rate of between 1 and 1.5 inches.

Spring Rate

The spring rate is the force needed when compressing the spring by an inch. You should consider the spring rate because it determines how much pressure your vehicle can take when driving through a bumpy road. Also, it determines the body roll of a car as it goes through a corner.

There are two main spring rates. It could be linear, where the springs are uniform in the vehicle. Or, it could be progressive, where the rates at the bottom vary from the ones at the top

If you need lowering springs for a racing car, consider spring rates to ensure the car acceleration squat and body roll remain uniform.

Ease of installation

The ideal set of lowering springs should come with an instruction manual to guide you during the installation process. However, most springs are effortless to install, and a guidance video from YouTube is enough.

Still, it’s important to consult a professional and have them install it for you if you are not very well-versed in terms of cars.


Q: Are lowering springs better than coil covers?

Yes, they are as they offer better aesthetics, ground clearance, and handling. They also come at an affordable price.

Q: What should I consider when buying lowering springs?

Other than the three factors discussed above, always look for springs that can meet your goal and are compatible with your car.

Q: What should I avoid when buying lowering springs?

Just make sure to avoid springs that are too low or loo stiff.

Q: When looking to put lowering springs on my car, what do I do to my bump stops?

Most lowering springs come with instructions. However, most advise you to cut them.

Final Verdict

The best lowering springs for your car will depend on its make and brand. However, the ones we reviewed above are compatible with almost any car make and brand, so you shouldn’t have any trouble on that front. Ultimately, it all boils down to how much lowering you need and how much you can afford. If you’re now set to buy a lowering spring kit, then don’t forget to consider any of the options we have above.

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