Best Mastercraft Tire Reviews in 2021 – Ultimate Buyers Guide!

Whether it’s RVing, SUVing, trucking or simply driving your passenger car, equipping your ride with the right set of tires is paramount especially if you wish to keep things going. If you enjoy RVing, I believe you know how bad your tires can get especially if you’re threading through off-road terrains. Luckily, with the best mastercraft tire reviews at the disposal, we’ll be delighted to share with you the tires as well as offer useful tips that will help you balance between quality and performance.

But, before we move on with this Mastercraft courser mxt tire reviews, how much do you really know about Mastercraft Brand? Well, this manufacturer is a subsidiary of Copper Tires Company which is a well known manufacturer and a prime owner of popular tire brands such as Mickey Thompson, Avon Tires, and Roadmaster.

Since it’s a subsidiary of a highly respected brand, Mastercraft Brand continues to enjoy the high success Cooper Tires possesses making it a premium quality dealer delivering ergonomic, affordable, and highly functional tires to enthusiastic car owners.

Top 5 Best Mastercraft Tires Review In 2021

Best Mastercraft Tires

1. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire

 Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

The Mastercraft Courser MXT is a quality off-road tire that is designed for 4×4s, SUVs, and light trucks. Although it works perfectly well on all-terrains, this tire really shines on muddy terrains which require a lot of grip and traction.

About the design, this tire is engineered with deep sidewalls that prevent abrasion when the tire is exposed to uncertain terrains. This tire is also equipped with wide circumferential grooves that scoop mud and channel water away for excellent traction.

Features of the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire

  • Aggressive sidewalls: on one side, the aggressive sidewall of this tire gives it an elegant look while on the other, it helps to improve off-road traction and improve resistance to regular wear and tear.
  • Deep shoulder grooves: since this tire is designed to traverse on uncertain terrains, it has deep and wide shoulder grooves that channel water, mud and snow much easily for improved grip and stability.
  • Optimized void-to-rubber ratio: the tread patterns on this tire features an optimized void-to-rubber ratio that has an enhanced contract ratio to improve traction and comfort when driving.

What We Like:

  • This tire is an excellent performer on off-road terrains.
  • It comes with a 50,000 miles warranty.
  • Offers good traction in wet and snowy terrains.

What Could Be Better:

  • This tire doesn’t perform well on sandy terrains.
  • When driving on concrete highways, the tire may feel sluggish before you get used to it.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, the Mastercraft Courser MXT is not the perfect tire but rather an average performer and an excellent choice for most avid off-road connoisseurs. Comparing it with other tires in most Mastercraft strategy tire reviews and ratings, this tire is budget friendly and a hard-rock climber that doesn’t shy away from any terrain.

2. Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire – 285/75R16 126R

Mastercraft Courser AXT All-Terrain Tire

Whether you’re driving on concrete roads during weekdays or off-road terrains during the weekends, the Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire is one of the best tires that will guarantee you superb performance on various track conditions.

Ideal for all types of drives such as trucks, pickups, SUVs and 4×4s, this tire is molded with a 5-rib pattern design that helps to improve grip and traction on uncertain terrains such as muddy roads, snowy terrains, sandy, dirty and soft surfaces.

The Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire has featured in most Mastercraft courser axt tire reviews thanks to its affordability and availability in several different sizes (ranging from 15” to 20”)

Features of the Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire

  • 5-rib tread design: the surface of this tire is constructed with a 5-rib tread design with 12% more lateral grooves to improve traction when driving on rough terrains.
  • Zig-zag pattern grooves: in addition to the 5-rib treads, the surface of this tire is further molded with wide circumferential grooves with zig-zag patterns to help improve traction on wet, muddy, and icy terrains.
  • Decent warranty: finally, if you’re worried about the warranty, Mastercraft has taken care of that by offering you a lengthy 50,000 miles warranty regardless of the terrain or weather conditions.

What We Like:

  • Performs well on lighter off-road terrains.
  • The lateral grooves make it easier to handle and control your car on uncertain terrains.
  • Aggressive and very attractive.

What Could Be Better:

  • The tire is quite noisy.
  • Its traction is not that effective on the roughest and toughest roads.

Final verdict

Manufactured under the Cooper tire umbrella, the Mastercraft Courser AXT Radial Tire has really impressed most daily commuters thanks to its high traction on lighter terrains. The tire is affordable and offers a decent ride on snowy, muddy, sandy, grass and gravel roads.

3. Mastercraft Courser STR All-Season Radial Tire

Mastercraft Courser STR All-Season Radial Tire

Another high value tire that has come to make your driving experience more manageable is the Mastercraft Courser STR All-Season Tire. Just like the rest of the tires we’ve read in most Mastercraft courser axt tire reviews, this one too is reliable for all-season use.

Whether it’s in your crossover, light-duty pickup or SUV, a set of these tires will offer you an enhanced off-road response for a smoother and better ride. This tire is designed with a symmetrical non-directional tread pattern and four wide circumferential grooves that improve traction on uncertain terrains while improving the overall cornering stability.

Lastly, the Mastercraft Courser STR All-Season Tire is available in a range of sizes to choose from and has been backed with a 40,000 miles warranty across all tire sizes.

Features of the Mastercraft Courser STR All-Season Tire

  • Variable pitch tread: one major concern with most tire manufacturers is the noise issue. To combat this challenge, Mastercraft has equipped this tire with variable pitch tread to reduce road noise when driving.
  • Wide circumferential grooves: this tire has four wide grooves whose main purpose is to channel water away from the surface of the tire to prevent the risks of hydroplaning. Additionally, this idea makes this tire more dependable with an increased gripping and traction when driving on wet roads.
  • Symmetric non-directional tread patterns: with such patterns engraved on the surface of this tire, there’s improved traction and impressive cornering stability.

What We Like:

  • This tire has excellent cornering stability.
  • It offers great traction in both wet and dry pavements.
  • Wide circumferential grooves offer excellent water dispersion.
  • This tire is reasonably priced.

What Could Be Better:

  • This tire is quite noisy.

Final verdict

Overall, this tire is a serious competitor that has come to offer budget customers a more high-standard tire to use in both wet and dry pavements. Although this tire isn’t as good as the Michelin Defender LXM or the Cooper Discoverer HTP, it does strive to surprise its loyal customers with some more appealing and authentic features.

4. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire – 35/125R15 113Q

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

If you’re looking for an all-terrain mud tire that will help you through your weekend camping rituals, then the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire is exactly what you need. At a glance, this tire looks exactly the same as the first Mastercraft tire we reviewed here.

However, although the looks are similar, the performance is quite different. This tire has the advantage of deeper and wider grooves that churn through mud and snow with a lot of energy. It also has scalloped edges that add traction and balance to your ride as well as genius construction that resists abrasion and easy puncturing of the tire.

Features of the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire

  • Scalloped edges: while most tires struggle on the mud, this one is constructed with genius scalloped edges that cut through mud to make your off-road driving experience even more fun-filled.
  • Wide shoulder grooves: the shoulder grooves of this tire are both wide and deep making it easier for the tire to wipe off mud, snow, sand and dirt when driving on uncertain terrains.
  • Staggered patterns: Mastercraft has really made an effort to improve the overall quality of their tires. Their efforts are demonstrated by the addition of staggered patterns on this tire to improve traction and grip while reducing abrasion on the other hand.

What We Like:

  • Offers excellent traction on muddy, off-road and concrete terrains.
  • Deep shoulder grooves aid in reducing abrasion.
  • This tire is M+S rated.
  • The tire offers exceptional balance when inflated properly.

What Could Be Better:

  • This tire doesn’t function so well on concrete highways.
  • The tire doesn’t balance perfectly well.

Final verdict

Overall, the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Tire is among the high-standard tires that have featured in most Mastercraft strategy tire reviews and ratings. These tires have aggressive sidewalls and deep shoulder grooves that offer the right grip and traction regardless of how rough the terrains are. These tires are affordable, attractive and good enough to use in your jeep, SUV or 4×4 pickups.

5. Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire – 265/75R16 123Q

Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

Lastly in this review, we have the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire. If you’ve noticed, the first and the last two tires are pretty much the same in most Mastercraft courser mxt tire reviews in terms of the looks and performance. However, according to most Mastercraft strategy tire reviews and ratings, these tires have a slight difference that distinguishes them from each other.

Just like the rest of the tires, this one too has an aggressive off-road traction that makes it the best for extreme off-roaders. It has deep tread grooves for excellent performance on muddy, snowy, and sandy terrains as well as a deep side biter design that increases traction while reducing abrasion on the sidewalls.

Features of the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire

  • Side biter design: the side biter design of this tire is more of a genius addition that helps to increase off-road traction while reducing sidewall abrasion at the same time.
  • Deep tread grooves: since these tires are intended to be used on extreme off-roading, Mastercraft has engraved the surface with wide and deep tread grooves to allow easy wiping of mud and snow for enhanced performance.

What We Like:

  • These tires are excellent performers on highways and off-terrains.
  • The tire offers a decent 40,000 miles warranty.
  • The tire is M+S rated making it an authentic purchase.

What Could Be Better:

  • These tires are loud.
  • They perform best on 4 wheel drive but not in 2 wheel drives.

Final verdict

All in all, the Mastercraft Courser MXT Mud Terrain Radial Tire is an excellent and attractive all-terrain tire that knows how to handle rough terrains far too well. This tire is designed with deep tread grooves that offer superior traction on muddy and snowy tracks and it has extra biting edges that provide the right balance when driving.

Buyer’s Guide — Mastercraft Tire

In our Mastercraft  tire reviews, we’ve discussed about five of the best tires that are worth installing in your SUV, RV or passenger car. But, if you were to buy any of these tires, how would you react the moment you get to the store? So, to help you make an educated move, we’ve offered you some useful tips on how to choose the best tires for your ride.

The size

This size of the tire you’re planning to buy is of paramount importance as it greatly influences your overall driving experience. The best thing about the size is that most tire companies offer size charts which you can refer to depending on the type of vehicle you’re driving.

Note that; the structural integrity of any tire’s sidewalls greatly depends on the size. So, choosing the wrong tire size means that the sidewall might become weaker over time, something which can compromise your safety when driving.

The weight rating

I must confess that this is truly a silent factor which is very critical if missed out. Checking the load rating of any tire is highly recommended as not all tires are designed to endure the same weight. There are those heavy-duty tires that are designed to carry bulky loads and there are those lightweight options that are perfect for light applications.

So, with this factor in mind, always choose tires wisely depending on the type of SUV, RV, truck, or 4×4 vehicle you’re driving. Note that; buying the wrong tires can overburden the engine causing wear and tear both in the engine and the tires.

Pressure rating

The best thing about mastercraft tires is that they’re designed to handle different pressure ratings. However, checking on the pressure rating is not a bad move as it helps you keep a precise maintenance record. Also, pressure rating gives you an idea of the amount of pressure you’ll need for the tire to operate properly.

The price

This is another key factor you can’t miss to check on when choosing a mastercraft tire. Now, if you’re really on a tight budget, these tires are not the best for you. However, if you’re willing to spend anywhere from upwards of $100, then these tires are generally the best choice for you.

Although the prevailing tires market has hosted hundreds of brands each with its own set of homogenous products, mastercraft tires have continued to prevail due to their exceptional value for money.


Finally, you have to consider the traction of a tire before deciding to buy one. Since you’ll be traversing in off-road paths and other rough terrains, traction is a key priority that will help you enjoy a smooth ride when driving in wet and slippery terrains.

All you need to know about Mastercraft Tires

Now, buying tires is an integral part of owning a car. But, if you’re a beginner who’s hearing about Mastercraft Tires for the first time, making a decision on whether to install these tires in your car or not can be difficult if you know nothing about them. So, to answer your questions, let’s examine what Mastercraft Brand has to offer as well as take a tour around the company and the brand itself.

know about Mastercraft Tires

So, who makes these tires?

Now, if you’re a newcomer in this line of tires, this is probably the first question you’ll ask the moment you reach in their office desk. Thankfully, Mastercraft Tires is not an off-shore brand but rather it’s a sub-brand of the well-known high-profile Cooper Tire Brand.

The use of sub-brands to provide different options for products is not something new in the marketing world today. Cooper tires are probably some of the best in the market. Due to their high price tags, this brand has thought of adding a smaller subsidiary brand which will offer high-standard tires at an affordable price range.

They have a variety

Whether you’re driving on snowy roads, rough terrains, off-roading or specialty scenarios, Mastercraft brand offers a wide range of tires as you’ve already read in most Mastercraft courser axt tire reviews. Each of the tires they produce is high-standard and safe enough to install without worrying about the quality.

If you’re driving in snowy regions, you can take advantage of their Courser MSR tires and in case of all-terrain use, you can go for those heavy-duty Courser AXT tires. There’s also the option of specialty tires as well as Glacier Trek tires in case you want your vehicle to endure that bulky driving on rough roads.

These tires are really affordable

The affordable price range of Mastercraft tires is one huge advantage that has enabled them to compete with most top brands. Top tire makers such as Firestone and Michelin are really good in what they do though their products are way above the budget price cutline.

Since most car owners live within a tight budget, most of them may fail to afford these tires forcing them to seek cheaper high-standard options such as Mastercraft tires. With these tires, you’ll get to save a lot in terms of the cost and maintenance fee making them an appealing prospect to most car owners.

These tires are premium quality

Think about it; Mastercraft brand is a subsidiary of Cooper Tires. This means that the two brands share the same manufacturing facilities, same equipment and use similar manpower and materials to manufacture their tires. That simply means that Mastercraft boasts the same success and high brand reputation that Cooper possesses.

Having said that, it’s evident that tires made by Mastercraft are high-quality and affordable. With these tires, you’re guaranteed superior handling and optimal touring experience without having to break the bank or dig deep into your pockets.

They offer superb warranties

If you want to test the quality of a product, always check its warranty. While most low-tier tire companies offer a limited warranty of just 45,000—50,000 miles, Mastercraft offers a decent warranty of 40,000—80,000 miles depending on the task you’ll be assigning their tires.

With such serious warranties, it’s clear that Mastercraft is a brand that’s confident with the quality of their tires. These tires are manufactured with a superior tread compound technology that makes them temperature resistant and less susceptible to regular wear and tear.

How we pick the best tires

Mastercraft is a brand that doesn’t need any special introduction. That’s because this manufacturer is an established well-known brand that engineers high-standard tires for all-terrain use. Designed and sold for American customers, Mastercraft tires have developed a reputation for their outstanding contribution making their tires the best runners-up behind high-profile tire manufacturers such as Firestone, Michelin, Goodyear, Cooper and Bridgestone among others.

So, with that said how exactly did we pick and test the best Mastercraft tires we’ve reviewed here?


The first factor we checked on when picking these tires is the level of comfort they offer. Here, the tires were tested vigorously to assuage any misconceptions we might have had. The tires are extremely durable with little if any wear and tear in uncertain terrains and extremely high temperatures. These tires offer a good value for money and are backed with a decent average warranty of 50,000 miles.

Comfort and fuel efficiency

This is the second factor we checked on before settling on any specific tire. What we noticed is that all the tires we’ve highlighted here provide a pleasant driving experience across all terrains. The tires are equipped with soft materials on the surface to absorb and dampen all vibrations to enhance a smooth comfortable ride.

In addition to that, these tires are lightweight with less mass thus reducing drag and rolling resistance for increased fuel-efficiency.

Excellent handling

Whether you’re driving on snowy, sandy or muddy conditions, there are always dangers posed especially if you’re unable to handle your car well. With this fact in mind, Mastercraft has managed to design each of these tires with improved handling parameters that include; adding symmetrical patterns on the tires and molding them with wide deep shoulders grooves.

With such an ingenious engineering, these tires are able to resist hydroplaning and abrasion while still improving grip and traction on muddy and snowy terrains.

All-season performance

This is the last factor we considered when picking each of these Mastercraft tires. Most people usually suffer from the hassle of switching tires from time to time to adjust to season changes and temperature fluctuations. But, with Mastercraft tires, this hassle is a thing of the past as these tires are designed to provide excellent traction regardless of the season.

Important Q/A about Mastercraft tires

Do these tires come with a road hazard?

Well, these tires usually don’t come with a road hazard. However, Mastercraft are fair enough to offer a decent mileage warranty which reflects how authentic and premium these tires are. Most customers who’ve bought these tires have left many positive complements stating how good the tires are.

How loud are these tires on the road?

Although they’re all-terrain tires, the noise they produce is manageable and not too loud to cause any nuisance when driving. However, most people have confessed that the tires might get louder as you accelerate.

Do these tires have any imbalance issues?

Well, this is quite uncommon. Provided you apply the right pressure on each of the tires, the balance is pretty okay whether they’re fitted on your lightweight truck, SUV, or 4×4 pickup.

Final verdict

Tires are pivotal components of your vehicle that determine the overall experience you’ll have in the long run. Although most people argue that all tires are the same, the brand will matter at some point as that’s what determines the value for your money.

In this Mastercraft tire reviews, we’ve managed to do the homework for you by offering you five of the best tires that will perform quite well in both dry and wet weather conditions. So, with that said, we’ll now give you some space to choose the tire you believe will work for you. Additionally, if you feel you’d like to ask some questions or maybe make some suggestions, then don’t hesitate to share them in the comments section below.

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