Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Review and Buying Guide 2021

Does your Toyota Tacoma need new treads? What are the best tires for Toyota Tacoma? Toyota Tacoma is among the most popular vehicles out there. The reasons for that are its versatility, customizability, and reliability. 

There are only a few trucks that offer the same reputable record and modifications that a Tacoma provides. Besides, there are dozens of Tacoma models that you can choose from, but whichever model you buy, you will need to replace its tires at one point.

Not sure where to get these tires or which one to choose? Don’t fret. We have a complete buying guide and review of the perfect tires for your Toyota Tacoma.

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Buying Guide

Changing your Toyota Tacoma tire is a critical part of maintenance that you might face at one point or another. The tire you select can impact your driving experience and influence how you handle your car, conditions you drive in, and the speed.

Therefore, it’s critical to select the right tire by following these criteria:

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma

Tire Width

The tire width is vital since it affects the grip – a smaller tire has less contact with the surface, so it is not ideal for wet conditions. However, the small width produces less noise while driving.

You can determine the width of the tire by looking at the first three digits of the tire label. For instance, a 235/75R15 105S tire has a width of 253 millimeters.

Tire Profile

Tire profile is heavily related to the tire width. It is the thickness of the sidewall and is a percentage of the width.

The tire profile is also shown on the label. A profile of at least 50 provides more protection. With that said a narrow profile is more attractive and offers better steering.

For example, a 235/75R15 105S tire has a profile of 75.

Tire Size

It is essential to buy a tire that is the right size to ensure that your car remains safe. Oversized tires can lead to stress on the heel and even come off when driving. 

The tire size is also shown on the label. For instance, a 235/75R15 105S tire has a size of R15.

Speed Rating

The speed rating is shown by the last letter on the tire label, so a 235/75R15 105S tire has a rating of S. A higher rating means that your car will have a better grip and stop smoothly, but be less durable.

These speeds are as follows:


Speed (km/h)


















Above 300

Tread Pattern

There are three main tire tread patterns:

  • Symmetrical – It is the most common and involves narrow treads that are designed in a wave pattern. They are quiet but not for rainy conditions.
  • Directional – These are much noisier but the best for wet surfaces.
  • Asymmetrical – They are half symmetrical and half directional.

Tire Age

Tires deteriorate even when they are in-store – the rubber usually softens. Get a tire that is less than 6 years old.

Brand’s Warranty

You should ensure that you buy a tire with a more favorable warranty that covers most damages.  Also, check the duration of the warranty.

Best Tires for Toyota Tacoma Reviews in 2021 – Top Picks

best tires for Toyota Tacoma

Here are five tire models that you should consider when changing your Toyota Tacoma tires.

1. Security Chain Company TA1943 Traction Chain

Security Chain Company TA1943 Alloy Heavy Duty Truck Singles Radial Tire


Now, the Toyota Tacoma is one of the versatile, customizable, and highly reliable vehicles. As a popular choice for most motorists, this vehicle has a reputable record of being an excellent off-roader. But, for it to achieve this, you need to invest in the right set of tires.

But, besides the tires, there are other accessories you need to think of especially if you’re in a state that records heavy snow. One of these accessories is a traction chain. Thankfully, the Security Chain Company has offered you a heavy-duty traction chain, which is the TA1943 Alloy Heavy-Duty Traction Chain.

Now, the TA1943 Alloy Traction Chain is made from a combination of manganese and steel alloys. By combining such materials, this chain promises superior traction and greater durability when driving on snowy terrains.

This chain is designed with the latest link-style Cross Member Eyelets that allow you to fasten, re-adjust and shorten the outside latch with less effort. The TA1943 Alloy Traction Chain weighs just 21.55 pounds and is designed to suit semi-trucks with single radial tires.

So, in case you’re concerned about traction, security, and durability of your tires, then there’s no doubt about adding this traction chain to your Toyota Tacoma accessory cabinet.

What We Like:

  • Easy to fasten and adjust
  • Offers reliable traction on snowy terrains
  • Forged from a combination of steel and manganese alloys
  • Offers superior strength and durabilit

What Could Be Better:

  • Only fits single radial tires

2. General Grabber HTS 60 – All-Season Tire

All Weather Tyres 265/70 R17 115T Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S M+S OWL


The General Grabber HTS 60 is the next tire we’re going to discuss. Specifically designed for the Toyota Tacoma, this all-season tire is generous enough to accommodate other off-road vehicles such as pickups, SUVs, and crossovers.

Now, the HTS 60 is designed to handle all-season abuse. This makes it the best tire for all year use regardless of whether it’s raining, snowing, or extremely hot. But, to maintain such all-year performance, General have done their homework pretty well.

First, they’ve used the latest DuraGen Technology to design a cut and chip resistant tread compound. This alone gives the tire superior strength to last longer regardless of the level of abuse. But, other than the longevity, General has handled other parameters pretty well.

One of those is the tire’s handling and steering response. Here, they’ve combined symmetric stride patterns with a continuous center rib, notched shoulders, and tread blocks to improve drivability. That’s not all, these tread patterns offer additional traction when driving on snowy and muddy roads.

When it comes to driver’s comfort, General has added unique sound barrier ribs on the treads to reduce road noise to a manageable 72 decibels. They’ve also designed this tire with a diameter of 17 inches to allow it to save on fuel when driving.

What We Like:

  • Offers excellent traction on wet, dry, and snowy terrains
  • DuraGen Technology protects the tire against cuts and chips
  • Has a reduced noise ratio of 72 decibels
  • Offers the best fuel econom

What Could Be Better:

  • Tread wears much faster

3. Cooper Discoverer AT3 All Weather Tire

All Weather Tyres 265/70 R17 115T Cooper Discoverer AT3 4S M+S OWL

Finding an all-weather tire that will suit the demands of your Toyota Tacoma can be difficult. Thankfully, Cooper has offered you a tire that will surely meet all your driving needs and demands. The Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire is exactly what we’re talking about.

Unlike most tires, the AT3 is a dependable tire that performs exceptionally well in all weather conditions. So, whether it’s raining, snowing, or entirely dry, this tire will never compromise your safety nor interfere with your drivability.

Now, one reason that has allowed this tire to maintain such peak performance is the five-ribbed design. Other than giving the tire an attractive tread pattern, the ribs enhance the stability and handling of the car when driving.

The ribs on their part have aggressive shoulders that improve traction on soft surfaces while the divided center ribs offer excellent off-road traction. If you inspect this tire closely, you’ll notice zigzag patterns on the center ribs. These patterns are designed to lower road noise when driving while still reducing stone retention on the treads.

This allows the tire to self-clean itself, which is a great way of lowering the rate of tire wear. Other than that, the Cooper Discoverer AT3 Tire has a diameter of 31.42 inches, which is wide enough to improve handling and give the tire a stable footprint

What We Like:

  • Fits a wide range of vehicles
  • Wide diameter gives the tire a more stable footprint
  • Perfect for all-terrain use
  • Has a self-cleaning mechanis

What Could Be Better:

  • Aggressive treads are quite noisy
  • Quite expensive

4. Tyre Winter Michelin Alpin A4 205/60 R16 92H MO

 Tyre Winter Michelin Alpin A4 205/60 R16 92H MO


Michelin Alpin tire is a full active tire, can meet all braking and stability demanding action with its tread improved traction. It is a capable tyre, comes with better performance from all aspects. Weather your car need to pass through the tighter road with high Braking-Michelin can pass through both in the wet and snow road pretty easily.

This product can privilege all surrounding impact’s (environmental usually), it’s a sort of well consumption in between ecology, safety, comfort driving with high performance.

Unlike another regular tire, it is capable to give a shutdown time of almost 20 percent less. The Carved Tread plus the Promotes Water Removal function makes this car item more efficient in a premium range.

You can easily take your car on uphill/mountain bends, your tires will work very fine uphill or downhill, exactly in a silent mood as the summer tires do. As these are dedicated for use in winter, so perfectly this unit can drive your car on an icy or snow-covered road.

Mentionable Specification of these awesome tires which impress you to purchase these are-

  • Fuel Efficiency: E
  • Wet Grip: C
  • Noise Levels:70db
  • Specific Features: M=S, 3PMSF

What We Like:

  • Incredible Grip even in the snow compacted road
  • Offer 35 percent more Mileage
  • Most economical Winter Tyre
  • Energy Efficient with having GREEN X marking on the tire wal

What Could Be Better:

  • Not found any

5. Bridgestone Turanza T 005 – 195/65R15 91V

Bridgestone Turanza T 005 - 195/65R15 91V - Summer Tire


Bridgestone Turanza is a summer tire to keep you a silent move even on a messy road. This car unit comes with a section width, of 195mm, Rim width of 195 mm, tread depth 7.3 mm. It can take the max load capacity of 615kg, and the load index ratings for this car tyre is 91.0. Specifications that makes this tire so special for summer use are-

  • Fuel Efficiency: B
  • Wet Grip: A
  • Noise Levels :71 dB

Bridgestone Turanza T005 is best because it is developed and manufactured in the Europe. This item provides most outstanding performance to offer the user an efficient fuel economy. Obviously this tire features a high mileage so user can overcome any challenging road situations especially relates to the rainy or icy days.

It gives A class Leading Wet Performance, to make it the best-rated summer tire for even Braking and Cornering on any wet or dry surface. As the entire tire has EU label category A for the wet grip and B for Rolling surface, therefore it is also best in the EU Class Label Values.

Compared with other Predecessors, this tire offers a larger mileage in a better way.

What We Like:

  • Dry Grip Plus Wet Grip (A class wet grip)
  • 615 Kilogram Load Capacity
  • Optimized Tread Design
  • Remarkable Handling with Low Rolling Resistance
  • Very Good Mileage
  • Class EU Label Valu

What Could Be Better:

  • Fast Tyre Wear. Found Shoulder Tread Blocks at the inside edge

How We Picked the Best tires for Toyota Tacoma

There are a lot of factors that you should keep in mind when choosing tires for your Toyota Tacoma. Let’s look at some of the things that we considered when choosing the five tires.

  • The primary use of the car–These tires are mainly for use on rocky, gravelly, muddy, and snow-covered roads. They will work effective on challenging roads, mountains, uphill, and flat surfaces.
  • Noise level – Although they are not 100% quiet, these tires will maintain a reasonable level of noise when driving your car.
  • Off-road driving – The tires are also able to provide you with a smooth and sturdy ride when driving on rough roads.
  • Warranty – All the tires above have a form of guarantee that ensures you get to use them for up tocertain miles without worrying about wear.

All You Need To Know About Tires for Toyota Tacoma

There is no need for changing your truck’s original equipment tire if you are happy with the current one – these tires come with the vehicle from the manufacturer.  They are specially made to give you an optimal driving experience.

However, if you wish to change the way your vehicle moves due to one reason or the other, you might need to explorer other tire choices. For instance, you can switch from summer tires to all-season tires or upgrade to a better performing tire. 

The following things can help you get the right tires for your Toyota Tacoma.

Stock Tacoma Tire Sizes

Toyota had varying sizes of tires and wheels for the Tacoma between 1995 and 2018.  One model year might also have varying sizes according to the model you own, such as PreRunner, base model, and others. 

Furthermore, if your car has stock wheels, it is advisable to check the manual to see what tires you should get. With that said, you need to note that different sized tires can fit perfectly and you can change the wheels.

That’s why a Toyota Tacoma is highly customizable.

Speedometer Calibration

Changing the tires might also affect the odometer and speedometer of your car. Both are set by the manufacturer to work with the original tire and wheel sizes.

The speed of your car is affected by the number of revolutions the wheels make.  What that means is that if you install bigger tires, you will increase the circumference of the tires, hence a longer distance.

Tacoma Lug Patterns

You should also consider the lug pattern of your truck before you change the tires. In most cases, your car will have a five to six lug pattern.

The one your automobile has will depend on the model, and you can check the manual to be sure of the lug pattern. For instance, a PreRunner or 4×4 often have a six lug pattern while the rests come with five lug patterns. 

Either way, a bigger tire on your truck is always better if you want to enjoy the looks or traction.

Spacers and Lift Kits

Remember that you can only surge your car’s wheel and tire to a specific size, after that you might need to lift the vehicle, start trimming or get new wheels. Here you should recall the “3% rule” that states that you can only increase the tire width or height by 3% before needing to change the wheels or car’s height.

Specifically, that is about 0.3-inch of width and about 1-inch of height. The easiest way to know which tire to purchase is to remember that 1-inch of lift can let you buy one more inch of a tire (in terms of height). The width will depend on the backspace of the wheels.

Power Loss

One more thing that you should consider is how your Toyota Tacoma will react when it comes to power. If you install bigger tires, you will increase the diameter, and that will decrease the rear axle ration.

That will reduce the torque when accelerating.

Important Q/A about Tires

Q: Which is the right size of tire to buy for my car?

A: You should always check the owner’s manual to know the tire to get for your Toyota Tacoma.

Q: Can is mix and match tires on my car?

A: It is advisable to install tires of the same size, model, and make. They should also be of the same tread depth to reduce risk and assure optimal performance.

Final Verdict

The best tires for Toyota Tacoma should meet all the features and specifications we have looked in this article. You can try out any of the tires we have reviewed as they are top-quality models.

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