Best Wheel Locks Buying Guide and Review for 2021

Looking for the best wheel locks? Times have changed to the worse. You might have seen at your neighborhood: A vehicle resting on blocks after the tires and wheels have been stolen.

Wheels and tires are easier to sell illegally because no buyer really wants to know where you got them. They might not cost a lot of money but you will still spend hundreds of bucks when replacing them.

Besides, you need to hire a truck to carry your vehicle to a mechanic workshop, which will mean paying more money. We all want to avoid that, don’t we?

In this article, we will look at the top wheel locks and what you should do when buying them. Continue reading to find out more about these must-have security items.

Buying Guide: How To Choose a Wheel Locks

You cannot just walk to the nearest store and choose the first wheel locks that you come across. There are a few questions that you need to answer before you choose the right models for your car:

How many wheel locks do I need?

The standard wheel lock set will have 4 locks. We would recommend you to buy those brands that provide more than 4 lug nuts.

This way, you can easily replace a lost lock as soon as you notice it. Furthermore, you won’t need to buy a whole set if you only require one nut.

One thing that you should note is that the more the wheel locks the higher the price.

Do I need visible or hidden locks?

Visibility can be classified into forms. Some people want the lock to be visible while others want them hidden.

But why do people prefer either of the two directions? The answer is quite simple:

  • Visible wheel locks – People who use these locks want the thieves to know that their car is unapproachable. It is a good approach and a smart one.
  • Hidden wheel locks – People who use these locks want the thieves to come, waist their effort and time, and even get caught. They are useful if your car has an alarm and you want to call the police.

What type of wheel does my car have?

There are two main kinds of wheels in a car. Similarly, there are two kinds of locks that you will get on the market today.

Hence, you need to consider the kind of wheel you wish to lock since it will come in handy when choosing your lock wheels. Simply put, you can either lock the steering wheel or the tire.

If possible, should consider buying both kinds of locks as they are affordable and efficient.

What are customers saying about the wheel locks?

Since there are hundreds of wheel locks out there, you can easily look for various wheel lock brands and go through previous buyer reviews. Through this, you will get an idea of the features, specs, pros, and cons of the unit from the customers’ perspective.

Do I need a unique or universal fit lock?

Another critical factor that you should consider is how the wheel lock fits.  You should buy a lock that fits most vehicles even if you want to lock the wheel or the steering.

Universal fit will allow you to use the lock easily and on all your cars (and your family’s and friend’s car) if you wish.

Keep the following things in mind when considering the universality:

  • Clamp grip–Ensure that the clamp has the option of getting tighter. Its design will be a one-size-fits-all and this makes it critical that it has the ability to shut tight to avoid close up.
  • Size – Universal fits should come in a mediocre size since the bigger sizes won’t fit smaller cars. The vice versa is also true.

Editors’ Pick: Top 5 Wheel Locks Review for 2020

We have selected the top 5 wheel locks that will keep your car safe while you are away.

1. Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks (12mm x 1.50 Thread Size)

Gorilla Automotive 61631 Acorn Gorilla Guard Locks

Gorilla Automotive is a reputable brand that provides a complete line of car locks with great quality. The brand follows every step when manufacturing the wheel locks to ensure that you get the best locks and lug nuts for your need.

One of its main locks, the 61631 Acorn, boasts of unique features that guarantee security for your car. You cannot open these locks without the original key from the manufacturer.

The locks are well-arranged to make sure that the user has an easy time when installing them. Besides, they are uniquely made to ensure that you figure out which part goes in without much hassle.

These locks are made for unbreakable security thanks to the superb case hardened steel material and chrome finish that adds beauty.  In fact, their quality is one of the best in the industry today.

Built to last for decades, these locks are able to handle tough conditions and will do well in hot, wet, warm, or any type of weather. Gorilla Automotive made sure that they locks would handle everything that is thrown their way.

As we noted, these wheel locks feature a beautiful chrome plated finish. This not only adds beauty to the locks but also ensures that they remain corrosion and rust free.

One thing you should note about this wheel lock is that it was originally made for Honda.  The locks weigh just 14.4 lbs. and measures 5” by 4.8” by 1.1”.

What We Like:

  • Made of durable and strong steel.
  • Features an attractive chrome finish that makes it corrosion-free.
  • Its design is not only stylish but also quite unique.
  • Compatible with most cars.
  • Comes from a well-known brand with a great reputation.

What Could Be Better:

  • You might need to buy additional lug nuts.

2. McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks (0.5”-20 Thread Size) – Set of 5

McGard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Lock

McGard Company was started in 1964 and has continued to offer quality products over the years. Therefore, you can have the peace of mind knowing that the McGuard 24538 Chrome Cone Seat Wheel Locks comes from a reputable brand.

One amazing feature of this wheel lock is the ease of use. All you need to do is to put the key over the system and twist. With that, you will have it locked or unlocked.

Also, this wheel lock is computer generated, meaning that there is no other key pattern that can open it. The finish on the lock is a strong triple-nickel chrome alloy – every layer has its unique purpose.

The first layer helps the lock to be corrosion-free, the second layer makes the lock shiny, and the third one makes the lock extra durable. Also, the wheel lock is tempered and hardened to make it’s unbreakable under high pressure.

This wheel lock is perfect for cone system seats and weighs just a single pound. In terms of measurement, it measures 7.6” by 6.1” by 1.5” and has a thread of ½”-20 thread size.

Besides, there are 13/16 and ¾ inches dual hex size.  And since they come in a set of 5, you have sufficient locks to lock even the spare wheel.

These are also the best lug nut locks when it comes to quality but they lack outer rotating ability present in Gorilla models.

What We Like:

  • Made of high-quality material that is powder covered to prevent corrosion.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Offers value for your money while providing the security needed.
  • Rugged construction for added durability.
  • Comes in a universal fit to fit all trailers.

What Could Be Better:

  • Might be hard to open even with the keys.

3. Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock

Looking for a lock that will do the job? The Trimax TCL65 Wheel Chock Lock is one of the best trailer wheel locks on the market today. This model will keep your trailer or big vehicle locked.

The unit is made of heavy gauge steel that offers the perfect performance that ensures your car remains safe. And it has a simple design that make it easier to install when compared to other wheel locks.

This wheel lock was made to offer the latest features that aren’t present in normal wheel lock.  You can, therefore, buy the system with pride and know that your car will have the best features.

The lock is able to adjust to your car wheel, making it a universal fit and versatile product.  When installing, just set the right size of the wheel and you will be done.

The lock comes with 3 keys.  It helps to keep your trailer safer than before and is cylindrical with a firm design that is almost unbreakable.

The creamy epoxy powder covering finish ensures that the lock is not only attractive but also durable. The yellow powder covers the metal to prevent rust and corrosion.

When the lock is in place; you can easily tighten the clamp to secure your vehicle. This will add safety to your car.  The model weighs just 5.5 pounds and comes with suitable measurements of 4” by 11.7” by 15.5”.

What We Like:

  • Made of high-quality material that is powder covered to prevent corrosion.
  • Very easy to install and use.
  • Offers value for your money while providing the security needed.
  • Rugged construction for added durability.
  • Comes in a universal fit to fit all trailers.

What Could Be Better:

  • Might be hard to open even with the keys.

4. Homself Wheel Lock Heavy-Duty Car Tire Steel Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp Lock

Homdox Wheel Lock Heavy-Duty Car Tire Steel Anti-Theft Wheel Clamp Lock

The Homself Wheel Lock features a yellow boot design that makes it a great lock for deterring thieves. Quite secure, the thieves will require special tools to break the wheel and lock and not to mention a lot of time.

You can have the peace of mind knowing that your vehicle is safe if you use this wheel lock. The other three wheels might get stolen if you don’t secure all of them since installing one is a task.

One thing for sure is that this is one of the heavy-duty wheel locks out there today. You can use it for decades without worrying about wear and tear or evening spending more money to replace it.

You might also be excited to learn that the lock doesn’t break even when under extreme pressure from knocks. The only thing that might happen in the long-run is the yellow color coming off.

It is also a universal fit model that will fit most type of cars with ease. No matter the car you own, this will be an exciting wheel lock that will serve the purpose of securing your car.

Its material is resistant to weather which comes in handy to add the durability. Another great thing about the wheel lock is the PVS coating that prevents the wheel from getting scratched.

There are only 2 keys for unlocking the system. What this means is that you will get a better lock that is impossible to open with any other key.

This is a heavy-duty model that weighs 14.11 pounds and measures 26” by 13” by 8”.4.

What We Like:

  • A highly visible deterrent wheel lock system.
  • Boasts of an extremely tough and sturdy construction.
  • It offers two locking systems and has 2 keys for additional safety.
  • Has a PSV coating that prevents the clamp from scratching the car.
  • It is weatherproof no matter where you use it.

What Could Be Better:

  • The installation process is tiring.

5. Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock

Stoplock Pro Elite Car Steering Wheel Lock HG 150-00


According to government statistics, about 30% of vehicles in Europe are on the verge of being stolen. These statistics are quite worrying and what this means is that vehicles require an extra layer of protection to keep them safe from theft and vandalism.

One piece of extra protection you can think of is attaching the Stoplock Pro Elite Wheel Lock to your steering wheel. Made from metal, this steering wheel lock is heavy-duty meaning it’s ready to endure heavy knocks and extreme abuse.

But, despite being made from tough metal, the Stoplock Pro Elite Wheel Lock is coated with a soft PVS material that prevents it from scratching your steering wheel. To make it universal, Stoplock has designed this wheel lock with a deep bend at the center to allow it to fit a wide range of vehicles.

As if it’s not enough, they’ve used a combination of black and yellow colors to make the lock vibrant and quite easy to identify. So, whether your steering wheel has a small or large airbag, this lock will not fail to fit.

Anything we’ve not mentioned? Oh yes! The Stoplock Pro Elite Wheel Lock comes in four versions that are the Original, Airbag, Pro, and Pro Elite. This specific version is the Pro Elite, which is the best of the best. It has 2 keys and almost 10,000 combinations, which makes it extremely hard to bypass.

What We Like:

  • The yellow color makes the lock visible
  • Fits vehicles with larger airbags
  • Comes with 2 keys and nearly 10,000 combinations
  • Made from hard metal

What Could Be Better:

  • Professional thieves can bypass it
  • Installation is tiring

How We Picked the Best Wheel Locks

We did a lot of research when looking for the ideal wheel locks for your cars. Here are some of the factors that considered:

  • Unique key – Our team ensured that every wheel lock on the review has its unique key lock. The five brands on our review do not provide a key that can open all the wheel lock they are making. You will put your car at risk if you buy a wheel lock that comes with a universal key.
  • Wheel style – We also determined the style of the wheels the locks will work for. That’s why we have reviewed all the styles available including forged, multi-place, alloy, and steel wheel locks. However, there are other styles out there.
  • Material –You might be aware that wheel locks are made from different materials including metal and plastic. All our products are made of steel material, which is one of the strongest materials for making wheel locks. It also makes studier products.
  • Ease of use – We all want locks which are easy to use. A good number of the locks we have reviewed are easy to use.
  • Corrosion-free – The locks we have reviewed will not corrode or rust easily. Their finishes are uniquely made to ensure that they remain durable under all kind of weather.

All You Need To Know About Wheel locks

Remove Wheel Locks With/Without a Key

You can remove wheel locks using two methods. The first one is through the use of the lock key while the second one doesn’t require the key.

Follow these steps if you have the key:

  • Make sure that your vehicle is parked well. To be safe, engage the parking brake.
  • Align the splines of the key with the lock. Simply turn the key slowly until you get the perfect alignment. The key will drop when it get aligned.
  • Place your wrench on the key. The hexagonal head should match those of lug nuts of the car’s wheel.
  • Turn the wrench counterclockwise – you will lose the wheel lock.
  • When the lock is fully loosened, simply turn the lock off with your hands.

You can also remove wheel locks if you don’t have a key as follows:

  • Ensure that your vehicle is parked and secure (use parking brake).
  • Find the right locks removal kit that will remove your wheel lock. The only way to do this is to test one after the other until you get the right one.
  • Hit with firmness your wheel lock tool using the mallet. Continues hitting until it gets loose.
  • Now you can remove your lock using your hands.

As you might have noticed, it takes a lot of effort to remove the wheel locks without your key. It will also take you a lot of time and this is the way they deter thieves.

How To Use Wheel Locks

A set of wheel locks will include 4 or 5 lug nuts as well as a special removal key or tool. The nuts will not resemble the original lug nuts.

They are larger than wheel nuts and uniquely shaped to prevent the ordinary socket from fitting onto the nut. You will require a special key to remove them from the wheel.

You will need to replace at least one lug nut on every when with the wheel locks. In case there is a spare one, keep it or use it to lock the spare tire.

Although thieves will find it easier to remove the normal nuts, they won’t be able to remove the lock nut, and thus leave the wheel. In case you stay in a place where wheels are stolen regularly, consider replacing all the wheel nuts with the wheel locks, although it isn’t necessary.

Also, remember that there are clamps which you can also use to lock the wheels. These will lock the wheel and prevent it from being stolen but you will need to remove them when driving.

Important Q/A about wheel locks

What are wheel locks?

A: These are nuts instead of the standard nut lugs. They can only be removed by a specific key that comes with the package.

Why do I need wheel locks?

A: Today, the number of rim theft has risen. These devices can provide you with the peace of mind you require to go on with daily activities without worrying about your car.

Are there different types of wheel locks?

A: Yes. They come in different types to suit your unique need. They are models that will lock most cars.

Final Verdict

Well, we all agree that it is cheaper to buy the wheel locks than the wheel. Hence, get out there and choose the best wheel locks  for your cars. Follow our guide and review to ensure that you get a top product.

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