How to Clean Whitewall Tires-Easy Step

Despite being old fashion, people cannot avoid stealing a glimpse at any car wearing sparkling clean whitewall tires. Well-detailed whitewall tires give you and your car that sense of individuality, style, and class. However, not everybody knows how to clean whitewall tires. If that is you, you are in the right place.

This post gives an in-depth guide to help you maintain the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle tires, in particular -whitewalls.

Nothing really enhances the overall appearance of a car like a nice set of detailed whitewall tires. To maintain that, it is necessary that you commit to clean or have your white walls cleaned at least twice per month.

The Cleaning Materials You will Need

When cleaning your whitewall tires you will need a number of things to help make your work easier, these include:

How to Clean Whitewall Tires

  • SOS pads
  • Ordinary baking soda
  • A scrub brush
  • A pressure washer, garden hosepipe or bucket
  • Whitewall specific tire cleaner products

SOS pads-A set of good SOS pads come in handy even though they are mostly used in general cleaning. Plus they come ready saturated with soap. Top on that, the abrasive texture on SOS pads help in the removal of stains.

A dirt scrubber-When talking about scrubbing off stubborn dirt, most people think of a wire brush with metal bristles. Well, that type of scrubber will definitely destroy the smooth surface of your whitewall tires, so it is not what we are talking about. What you need is a good plastic made bristled brush, but should also be hard enough to knock off stains.

How to clean whitewall tires

Use Whitewall Specific Tire Cleaners

The world of car detailing is filled with different kinds of cleaning products. The unfortunate thing with some of these cleaners is that they contain a higher percentage of alcohol or bleaching agents. Elements like such are harsh on rubber and do lead to excessive drying after long use, plus they degrade the quality of the tires by causing cracks and yellowing.

Use Whitewall Specific Tire Cleaners

When choosing your whitewall cleaning products, you better go with those that are purely natural. Meaning they don’t use aggressive ingredients. With such cleaners, and maintaining a reasonable consistency, what you will be doing is not only upholding your car’s aesthetic value, but that also helps to maintain the toughness of your whitewall tires so that they will last longer as they should.

Soda-The work of soda here is to brighten your tires. Well, you don’t have to buy special soda, the ordinary baking soda you use in your kitchen is enough to give you perfect results.

The Process of Cleaning

The actual task of cleaning whitewall tires is nothing complex. However, you can make your work, even more, easier by dividing the tire into four quarters.

Step 1:

After knowing where you will begin and end, start by wetting the first section, preferably using a pressure washer, bucket or a garden horse, which should at the same time help to clean away any loose dirt.

Step 2:

Next is to confirm how you are supposed to dilute and use your whitewall tire cleaning product if you are using one and apply it on the tire.

Step 3:

Now, dunk your SOS pad into the cleaning solution you’ve prepared and start scrubbing the tire surface with it. To ensure every square inch of the surface is worked on, move in small circular motions, then rinse the whitewalls to see the areas that need a repeat of the process.

Once you are done with the first tire, repeat the same cleaning procedure for the other remaining tires.

Regular Cleaning is Key

Frequent cleaning helps you to prevent dirt, grime, and other stains from getting stubborn, as well as prevent discoloration. For instance, it is easier to knock off stains that are, say one week old than it to remove those that are two or more months old.

Most people think it is a lot of work to maintain a regular habit of cleaning their whitewalls. So what they do is rely on powerful cleaners every time to try and restore the appeal of the tires whenever they become dirty.

But, here is why that is not advisable; the so-called powerful agents are made from harsh chemicals, which in the long-run lead to irreversible yellowing and cracking of the tires. This, in other words, shortens the overall lifespan of the tires.

By sticking with this simple guide on how to clean whitewall tires, you can successfully prevent the adhesion of stains, avoid the need to use powerful agents and keep your whitewalls super appealing.

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