How to Make a Wheel Car Dolly

Imagine your car engine is not working suddenly. How can you move your car in that case? Also, think of a situation where you don’t have enough space in your garage, so you want to park your car on one side. You can easily create an accident if you try to drive close to the side of the garage wall. So, here comes the car dolly for precise parking. It will help you park at the desired place and move your car when it is not turning on. Today, I will write this content for car DIY enthusiasts who are looking for guidelines for making the best car dollies on their own. Let’s jump in.

How to Make a Wheel Car Dolly

Our today’s goal is making a wheel car dolly. You will be able to do it on your own if you are someone who has some DIY experience in the past. If you are new, you can follow my instruction to do your first DIY project. There are some must need tools you will require. Let’s discuss them inside the tutorial. This might not be a single person project, so I will suggest you take at least one person with you. Most of the assembling tasks will require a helping hand here.

How to Make a Wheel Car Dolly


A wheel car dolly is basically a flat surface that holds the tire of your car. There are four wheels for a normal car dolly under the car, which can move 360 degrees. To move the car properly, you need four-car dollies under four car wheels. Only then can you move the car in any direction. These dollies are cheap, and you can get it at all car parts store. Generally, it is known as a garage car dolly. There is also a two-wheel car dolly, which is basically used for towing a car. This tow car dolly is easy to make, and we will discuss how to make a wheel car dolly easily.

Required Items

  1. One axle.
  2. 2×2 1/8” inch thick 30 feet angle plate steel. You will get it from the local steel supply store.
  3. 2×3 box steel -15 feet.
  4. One 8-foot piece of 2×12 wood plank. This will be the ramps.
  5. One 2” trailer coupler.
  6. Two aluminum fenders.
  7. One set of trailer lights.
  8. Two safety chains.
  9. Two wide ratcheting straps of 2”.

Assembling the Axle

Firstly, you need to manage an axle. You can buy it from a local salvage yard at cheap. Any model from dodge caravan (1990-up) is a secret model for this particular project. Also, the rear axle from this car will be an excellent choice for this DIY project. It should be five lugs. Other models that come with four lugs, but you don’t need to take that. Also, you will require the tires and wheels, so you better take those with it.

Now the party begins. You need to detach the axle from the vehicle. You will need a car jack and a jack stand to remove the axle from the car. Put on the car jack at the behind side of the car and then use the jack to raise it. After that, put the jack stand under it for extra caution. When the vehicle is standing on the jack stand, put the car jack under the axle. There are some leaf-springs attached with ¾ nuts. Detach them carefully. Also, detach the U-shaped bolts. These bolts attach the leaf-springs with the axle.

Measure the axle from one end to another and find the middle point of that axle. Cut the axle into half on that point. It is a hollow tube, so cutting this will be easier. Now, you need to purchase a 3-foot piece sprinkler pipe, which is also known as “Black Pipe.” Check the inside diameter of the axle. It should be 2 ½. This is the outside diameter of the black pipe you are purchasing. Insert the pipe inside the axle tube evenly. It will give better strength. Then, weld the pipes at each end carefully.

Assembling the Cradle

To make the cradle, you need to use the sturdy angle steel. The required dimension will be 80” wide and 23” deep. Now, put an angle steel 18 inch from the cradles’ ends on two sides. Perform the welding task properly. Again, put the two-angle steel inside the box. Weld again properly. Place the whole cradle assembly over the axle. Make sure the cradle center is perfectly aligned with the tire center. At this point, you need to tack weld this cradle with the axle. Try to keep it square.

Tongue Assembly

Take the 2×3 box tubing and cut it into a piece 4 feet long. Tack weld this piece under the center of the cradle. It will fit between the axle and the cradle. Now, you need to weld all sides. After that, take a piece of 2 12” steel with a diameter of 2×3. Put the one piece on the top of the other piece and slide forward 6 inches. Weld them together carefully. You need to weld this on the 4-foot long box. This will extend the dolly by 6 inches or more.  

Now, cut two pieces of 27” steel with a diameter of 2×3 and attach it under the cradle and tongue.

Attach the trailer coupler using bolts or weld it. To get maximum protection, you can do both.


Take the wood plank and cut it into half. Also, cut two pieces of angle steel having a 12″ length. Use high-quality bolts and attach one side of the angle steel at the end of each plank.

Tie Down Straps

The tie-down straps come in different varieties. Make sure its capacity is more than 3,500 lb.


The fenders will come with the instruction of how to attach them in the dolly. This is optional.


Attach lights if necessary. You can add it to each fender.

Checking the Car Dolly

When the dolly is prepared, you need to take it to a test drive. Before that, make sure all of the instructions were followed strictly and carefully. Double-check the welds on the dolly’s structure. Remove dirt and clean the dolly if necessary. If there’s a need to apply lubricants, you should apply it before taking it to the test drive. When all things are ready, load a car on the dolly for a test run. Make sure to take turns very slowly and carefully. If the test run works fine, then you are ready to use the dolly. Do not leave the dolly in an open place. Cover it with something until you need it for the next use.    


Most of us can think that why I need to make a car dolly in the first place? Well, some DIY enthusiasts like it this way. They want to build their components on their own. Also, this saves a lot of money. I’m not saying that the car dollies available at the market aren’t a bang for the buck. But these dollies have some limited usage where our DIY car wheel dolly is capable of taking an enormous load. The usage of this car dolly is for towing. These tow car dollies are capable of towing vehicles without any hassle. I hope you got the right instruction from this article. Hopefully, you can build a wheel car dolly on your own now. Gather all of your motivation together and let us know your feelings.    


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