How to Reset JVC Car Stereo

As a car owner who has installed a JVC stereo, it is crucial for you to know how to properly reset it. The reason being, you may need to do so in the future. To help you understand this process below is a step-by-step guide on how to reset JVC car stereo. 

Reasons Why You May Need to Reset a JVC Car Stereo

There are a couple of things that might go wrong when operating a JVC car stereo. For instance, you may put in the wrong settings and forget how to go back to default settings. Or even choose a foreign language. In such instances, you can be left there stranded wondering what to do next. If you are like most car owners, you may have probably misplaced your JVC car stereo manual book. Or it could be too complicated for you to interpret it. 

Reset a JVC Car Stereo

Well, even if you still have your manual and aren’t interested in reading all that boring stuff. Below we are going to show you how you can reset your car stereo in the fastest way possible. Kindly note that there are two methods you can follow. We will discuss each.

How Frequent Should I Reset my JVC Car Stereo?

Before we get to these two different methods of resetting a JVC car stereo, you are probably wondering when you should do it. A car stereo system isn’t like your engine. You don’t need to change the oil regularly.

Not unless your JVC car stereo isn’t cooperating, there is no need for you to reset it. Good examples of when you should do so are the ones listed above.

How Frequent Should I Reset my JVC Car Stereo

Other instances when you may need to reset your JVC car stereo is when certain functions of your system are working. For example, can’t your device read nearby Bluetooth devices? Is the CD player not playing? What about radio station frequencies? Provided some elements are not working, that is reason enough for you to reset your JVC car stereo right away.

Resetting Your JVC Car Stereo

Without wasting any time, let’s dive straight into our guide on resetting JVC car stereos.

First, Know Which Model You’ve Installed in Your Car

An essential factor you need to consider when resetting your car stereo is knowing which JVC model is installed in your car. This will help you understand which method will work best for you. Some of the most popular models include; kw s79bt, kw-r930bts, kw xr 610, kd r870bt, kd-r780bt, kd-x340bts, and several other models.  

If you run into any problems with resetting your JVC stereo, always refer back to your manual. Because even though all these systems may come from one company, they are built differently and you can expect the settings to vary.

Going forward to our guide on resetting JVC car stereos, we have tried to be as general as much as possible so that these methods can work for nearly all types of JVC car stereos.

Method 1

This is the fastest and easiest method which will require the pressing of the buttons on the stereo system. You should press and hold the ‘On’ and ‘Select’ button for 5 seconds. As you do this, the technology inside the system will be clearing current settings. As a result, you will have reset your JVC car stereo.

A word of caution; when holding these buttons be very gentle. If you press them too hard, they may be damaged. And you will have to incur the extra costs of replacing these buttons.

Method 2

This method involves resetting the JV system without using buttons.

The first thing you will need to do is remove the control panel at the front of your car stereo. Ensure that you use the right tools and have the technical know-how. When the panel is off, assess the area surrounding the CD slot. You will see a button on the side. In most JVC models, this button performs the reset function.

Turn on your stereo. And with the help of a pencil, gently press the reset button. Keep in mind that this particular button is sensitive as well and if you push it too hard, you are going to damage it. For the reset function to work, the button must be pressed when the stereo is on. Most people forget about this step and later on start wondering why this method never worked for them.

Are there Other Ways on How You Can Restart Your JVC Car Stereo?

The above two methods are the fastest and most convenient. If you are however interested in an alternative method, here is what you can do. Identify which JVC model is installed in your car. Navigate to JVC official website page, key in your model and you will find an online copy of its manual. From there, look up how you can reset that particular model. Most car owners find this process a bit complicated. I would only recommend it if the above methods don’t work for your model.

Is There a Way to Reset a JVC Bluetooth Car Stereo?

If your system’s Bluetooth connection is having issues pairing with devices. First, reset the entire system with either of the above methods. Then power up your stereo. Navigate to the Bluetooth section. Search for that Bluetooth device and pair it up. When it pairs successfully, you can start enjoying playing music on your stereo from your device of choice. This can be a smartphone, laptop, or tablet.

What about Programming a JVC Radio?

The process of programming a JVC radio is equally easy. And the benefit of doing so is that you can select stations that you can favorite stations that you like on the JVC stereo. To do so, power up the unit, go to the menu section where you will select your tuner options. You can change the color by pressing the color button. On the equalization section, you can fine-tune sound settings.

Depending on your model and car, some JVC stereos can have a selected number of users. That way, all individuals driving that car can program the radio to suit their sound options and other preferences.

Final Thoughts

Resetting a JVC car stereo is quite easy and fast, especially if you know what you are doing. The above two methods have proven to be very useful for a wide range of JVC stereo models. But before you reset your stereo, know that all settings will return to default. And you will have to customize it once more. Don’t forget to press the buttons gently.  

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