JVC CS-J620 Review-Updated 2021

We all love to listen to our favorite tunes. Music can relieve you from your tiredness. As you listen to the deep melodious song, your mind is refreshed. But, with a bad sound system, you’ll find yourself hating to be in your car. The good news is that you can overcome this situation with a good stereo system that is up to par. And JVC speakers for car can be an excellent solution. JVC KENWOOD Corporation is a company based in the USA that produces car speakers with innovative features and specifications.

JVC CS-J620 is the company’s newest model consisting of two-way coaxial car speakers measuring 6.5 inches. By coaxial we mean that the speaker has all audio components and drivers installed in one box which saves time and money. These car speakers produce excellent sound quality without much distortion. Plus, they’re designed with high-quality materials that can provide efficient performance for a long time. Because these speakers have a high sensitivity, they produce fantastic music using the 300W watts of power available. Plus, their small impedance makes this system compatible with different amplifiers that help boost sound signals and pitch. Continue reading this JVC CS-J620 review to determine whether or not to invest in them.

JVC CS-J620 300W 6.5

Features of JVC CS-J620 Car Speakers

  • They’re wireless two-way coaxial car speakers that use woofers and tweeters for sound generation at both low and high frequencies.
  • Their grill is made of Black ABS composite material that is rigid and hard.
  • Tweeters of this unit are made with Poly-Either Imide and Neodymium magnet. Since these materials have high tensile strength, they help make these speakers durable.
  • This unit has a 1.7 inches top mounting depth, weighs 5.2 pounds, and measures 14 inches, 8.5 inches, and 8.3 inches in length, width, and height respectively.
  • These speakers take up to 60 watts of RMS power and 600 Watts of peak power.
  • They also come with multiple balanced tweeter, grills, woofer cones along with other drivers for audio drives that make them look good.
  • Their voice coil is made with aluminum that is heat resistant.
  • Their woofer cones are made of tough elastic mica material. There’s also a ferrite magnet used for designing the woofer.
  • The unit has a low 5 ohms impedance that allows it to match with various amplifiers that help boost frequency signals while producing a high-quality sound without much distortion.
  • Sound sensitivity from these speakers is 90 dB and has a frequency range of 30Hz- 21, 000 Hz.
  • A hybrid rubber material also surrounds these speakers that enables them to handle stress hence preventing them from tear as well as compression.

JVC CS-J620 speakers provide long-lasting performance compared to factory speakers. Here are some benefits of this unit.

Sound Quality

Thanks to the tweeter and woofer features, these speakers deliver lifelike natural sounds. Apart from great sounds, they also provide a quick response. Additionally, they’re made of quality materials, that’s why they are durable.  Even in high heat, the unit can still deliver a good performance which makes it unique as many speakers lack this specialty.

Stylish Design

The speakers are pretty and stylish. Their maximum component is built with quality materials as we’ve seen from the features above. The grills for instance are made using Black ABS Composite material and help protect you as well as other audio components from foreign objects without blocking the passage of full sound. So along with innovative design you also get protection.

High-Frequency Response

This model has a frequency range of 33-22000 Hz which enables it to give a quick response which means a clear sound. It also has a high sensitivity that makes it better than other units in its price range.  High-frequency response plus high sensitivity means that a speaker will produce a clear and natural sound that people are searching for.

Performance Better than OEM Drivers

This unit consists of a well-balanced dome tweeter made from Poly-Ether Imide that handles highs that can’t be reached by ordinary speakers. This, therefore, makes it an excellent upgrade to your OEM speaker. The tweeter material enables these speakers to attain their 22, 000Hz frequency zenith. Apart from that, a rubber, mica cone, clothe surround and hybrid materials, handle low and mid-range frequencies.

Easy Installation

Nothing beats a car speaker with easy installation and impressive features. And that is what you get with this unit. It features a super easy installation system that you can comfortably do it yourself without struggling. It is designed with a shallow frame measuring 1-26/32 inches that help make this unit easy to install car speakers. This shallow frame prevents it from hitting the glass or truck of your car window or any other object that is close to your car’s door panel.

Additionally, it features a hole pattern that is pre-arranged that can be modified to fit into a specific car mount pattern. But, for installations that need some modification, the company provides screws as well as mounting tabs to help individuals install their speakers. If you’re looking for speakers that can be moved in different positions of your car without causing any problems, then JVC CS-J620 is recommended for you.

What We Like:

  • Excellent sound quality
  • Several mounting hole options
  • Super easy installation
  • Affordable price

What Could Be Better:

  • If poorly installed sound quality maybe low

Customer Reviews

These speakers have many reviews, which means that many people have bought it. Also, most reviews about it are positive which means that clients are happy with this unit’s overall cost. These speakers are suggested for people with a moderate budget. Apart from their new cool look, something else that people love about them is the ease of installation.

Final Thoughts

In summary, this fantastic pair of car speakers will appeal to most car enthusiasts. They don’t require one to have specific skills to install them, just like most other coaxial speakers. They also come with composite grills that protect the driver from foreign objects. Not to mention they emit superb sounds with deeper bass. However, they have mounting and vibration challenges. But these can be overlooked considering that they feature excellent performance and are durable. We hope that this JVC CS-J620 review helped you know all you’ll be getting by investing in this system.

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