Top 10 Cleaning Tips for the Inside of Your Car

Did you know that many people are attached to the car and they will even keep them cleaner than their own houses? Yes, that is right, generally, people prefer to have very clean cars. Cleaning of cars includes interior and exterior. However, in case you have kids, pets or work a lot from your vehicle, you will start realizing that the car will start getting dirty. The interior of the car has a tendency to have hidden dirt and can easily get out of control. To ensure that your car’s interior remains sparkling clean as new, here are the top 10 tips you should consider when cleaning the interior of your car. 

Clear Trash and Remove pet fur

The first step in cleaning the interior of your car is clearing the trash. Before you get started on anything else, pick up trash that is lying in the car or has been thrown in the car trash bin if you have one. There will definitely be trash all over your car if it has taken a while to clean. I suggest that you avoid keeping trash in the car for long. Instead, regularly clear out trash from the car.

Clear Trash and Remove pet fur

You should also deal with pet fur if you have pets in your car. Fur cannot be removed by vacuuming alone. The trick is to use static electricity by rubbing an inflated balloon on the seats. The fur will then attach themselves on the balloon.

Clean mats and carpets

After clearing the trash the next thing will be to clean the mat. This is particularly important as they are the elements in the car’s interior with the most dirt and dust. Therefore, you should tackle the flour mats by taking them out of the vehicle. You should shake them rigorously to clear any dirt. After that wash them and leave them to completely dry. You could wipe the carpets or even vacuum them without removing them from the car.

Vacuum the car

The next thing that you should do is to vacuum the car. The car seats and other places accumulate dust every time. Therefore, you should vacuum the front and the back areas of the car seats. Furthermore, you should vacuum the carpets and lower sections to remove all dust from the car. As a matter of fact, try to vacuum the entire interior of the vehicle to remove any dirt and dust that cannot be seen. You can check out the Smart Vacuum Guide to help you make a decision on which vacuum cleaner is appropriate for you.

Vacuum the car

A tip here is to first use a blower and blow every section of the car. Once you have blown the car’s interior, then you can proceed to vacuum it. This is important as it will help make the vacuuming efficient and even clean surfaces with dirt that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Use a rag clean spillages

Once you are done vacuuming the car, there will be dirt that cannot be removed by the vacuum cleaner such as spillages. You should proceed to get a rag to clean sections of the car which have not been cleaned by the vacuuming. For instance, in case you stepped on something with mud, the vacuum cleaner will not clean it and as a result, you may be required to use a damp rag to clean.

Clean cup holders and compartments.

You should then proceed to clean cup holders. The cup holder will most probably have spillages around them and as a result, it is important to clean them well. You should get the right cleaning agents to deal with spillages that are stuck on the car cup holders. You should also open all compartments such as the glove compartment and clean them using the rag.

The trick and tip here is to always clean if you spill immediately to avoid damaging the cup holder and other compartment areas.

Attack stains

There are stains that are capable of sticking on to parts of the car. This stains could occur on the mat, carpet or car seats. To deal with these stains, you should consider getting vinegar and socking the stained area in it by placing a rag dump in vinegar. In case the stain persists, you should get specialized stain removal products to help you clean them out such as resolve and spot shot.

Clean the Crevices

The crevices which exists between seats or parts of the car also need to be cleaned. There is a possibility that the cleaning methods above will not remove all the dirt from these crevices. To clean them, just get a paint stirrer and wrap its end with a microfiber cloth. Then use the stick to get into the areas of the crevices that cannot be reached. For the door panels, you should consider the material used to make them. Use chemicals that will not react with the material.

Clean the door panels and dashboard

The dashboard is one of the hardest places to clean in the car. The first cleaning will take place during vacuuming. After the vacuuming, proceed to use specified cleaning agents to avoid reaction with the components. The buttons on the front panel should also be cleaned with caution.

Wipe windows

After most of the parts of the car are clean, the next step is to clean the windows. The internal side of the windscreen can also be cleaned during this step. To clean the windows, you should use a microfiber cloth when cleaning the glass surfaces. Use a cleaning spray which you should apply on the windows then wipe using the microfiber cloth.

Get an Air Freshener

Finally, always ensure you have an air freshener for your car. Sprinkle the air freshener on the different parts of the car. There are commercial fresheners made specifically to be used in cars. You can check out at your local stores the options available.

air freshener for car


Cleaning of the interior of a car is something that should be undertaken at least twice a year. However, a cleaning session is expected to take a lot of time and effort. However, if you follow the above guidelines, you will have a sparkling car interior.

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