Viper 5906V Remote Alarm System Review-Updated 2021

A security alarm system is a must-have for every car. With one installed in your vehicle, you don’t have to always be around so that you can keep your eyes on it. Whether you are at the office or another part of town, a remote alarm system draws the attention of those around your vehicle and this can help stop a break-in as well as car theft.

Are you a car owner who is on the hunt for the best alarm system? Well, as you weigh your options, we would like to introduce you to the Viper 5906V alarm system. This particular alarm is manufactured by Viper which is one of the most trusted brands in the vehicle security industry. They are well known for making superior car alarm systems.

The Viper 5906V isn’t your average alarm system. This is a premium remote alarm that is packed with a lot of unique features. In this viper alarm 5906v review, we are going to inform you on all you need to know about the product and help you decide whether it’s worth your money.

A Quick Overview of the Viper 5906V Alarm                 

This alarm system has a 1-mile remote range. Meaning that you can conveniently use it to either lock or unlock your doors from a considerable distance. It also incorporates SmartStart technology from Viper. This new technology allows you to plug the system directly to your car and control it using an app from your phone.

 Viper 5906V Color Remote Start & Security

To make matters even better, when connected on the internet, with the same app and alarm system, you can remotely control your car from anywhere. You could literally be on the other side of the world and switch on or off the alarm’s siren. And as if that’s not enough, SmartStart also entails a GPS module that allows car owners to track their vehicles from their smartphones.

With the Viper 5906V, you get to enjoy keyless entry to your car. The alarm system also comes with a built-in information center where you can check the interior temperature of your car, the start timer countdown, and other useful information.

Remember when we said that this isn’t your usual car alarm, on the same information center you can adjust interior car temperature. It will also notify you of parking meter timers after 5 and 15-minute intervals.

Key Features Of Viper 5906V Alarm 

Heading over to our second section of the viper 5906v review, let’s talk about the main features of this alarm system.

Shock Sensor

This is one of the features that I really love about the Viper 5906V remote alarm system. As you probably know, most alarm systems will make a loud noise when someone is tampering with your vehicle. Well, this particular alarm system comes with an additional shock sensor. Therefore, other than making loud noises when your car is being tampered with the key will detect if someone is trying to open your doors when it’s parked.

Viper allows owners to customize the systems shock sensor to their preference. If you live or park your car in a highly insecure area, you can increase sensitivity so that the shock wave can detect even the slightest attempt to break-in.

Menu Commands on the Remote

The Viper 5906V remote is fairly big and has 4 command buttons that are divided into two. There is the advanced command section where you can access special features. There is also the basic command function which contains remote start and other basic security features.

On the same remote, you can navigate to the settings section where you can choose alert types, change temp units, paging, and auto-lock features. You can also adjust the shock wave sensor on the adjustment menu and set your clock as well. On the options menu, you can choose name tags, countdown timers, and parking meter amongst others. Finally, we have the exit menu whose purpose is to exit you from all other menus.


Because of the many features that this remote alarm system boasts of, it comprises of an efficient battery. According to Viper’s support team, the battery should be changed annually to enhance its performance. However, to maximize battery life, you should turn off the remote when not in use, turn off the beeps and paging feature as well. You can also set the animations to trigger only.

Additional Features

We have already talked about the 1-mile remote range which allows you to control your car even if it is 10 football fields away from you. It is also important that we emphasize on the SmartStart technology that makes it possible for owners to control the alarm system from wherever and track its location.

Some of the extra features that are worth mentioning include;

  • A siren output of 120 DB per meter
  • 4 auxiliary channels
  • 1502T data siren
  • Progressive door trigger
  • Flex relays that facilitate the remote start
  • Trunk pop feature
  • Failsafe starter kill

At the end of the day, a product’s worth will always lie in the eyes of the beholder. You have already read about its features, but before you can make a decision, below are the pros and cons of the Viper 5906V.

What We Like:

  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Its extensive one-mile range feature offers unrivalled convenience
  • Easy access to different menu options
  • The shock sensor significantly boosts car security
  • Ability to track your car

What Could Be Better:

  • To get a warranty, the system must be installed by a Viper-certified professional
  • The size of the remote is fairly large

Is the Viper 5906V Worth Your Money?

To wrap up the Viper 5906v review, we must answer the question – is this car alarm system right for you? Even though people say that you can’t answer a question with another question, in this case, we will have to. How much is your car and its accessories worth? If you value your car and its components, then safety should be your top priority. The Viper 5906V was built and designed to offer top-notch car security. Unlike regular car alarms, it offers an extra layer of protection and convenience.

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